CANADA: 700 Indian Students Face Deportation from Canada as Fake Admission Letters Uncovered

The recent news from Canada about the deportation of over 700 Indian students has shocked the international student community. These students were cheated by a (reportedly) fraudulent education migration service and are now in an uncertain and dangerous situation.

700 INDIAN Students facing deportation from Canada

According to reports, the students applied for study visas through Brijesh Mishra’s Education Migration Services (a consultant) in Jalandhar. Mishra charged each student between Rs. 1.6Million and Rs. 2Million for all expenses, including admission fees to Humber College, a prestigious institute in Canada. When the students arrived in Toronto and were on their way to Humber College, they received a phone call from Mishra (their consultant) informing them that all of the seats in the courses they had been offered had been filled and they need to wait six months for the next semester or find another college.

Mishra returned the students’ Humber College fees, further trying to prove his honesty. However, Mishra advised the unaware students to contact another college and enrol in less-known two-year diploma courses. Classes began, and students were granted work permits upon completion of the courses. However, when the students submitted the required documents for permanent resident status in Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) examined their documents and discovered that the admission offer letters were forged. After providing all students with an opportunity for a hearing, the CBSA issued deportation notices to all of them.

This unfortunate situation is a strong reminder of the dangers of fake immigration services that act on needy students looking to study abroad. Such illegal practices can have serious consequences, leaving students stuck in foreign countries with no legal status, financial support, or proper documentation.

While students can challenge their deportation notices in court, the legal process can take years, which is an expensive process. It is important to highlight that these students are not to blame, and Canadian authorities must investigate and hold those responsible for this fraudulent scheme responsible.

This incident calls into question Canada’s visa and airport authorities ability to verify the authenticity of all documents. To prevent future incidents from happening again, authorities must review their processes and ensure that proper checks and balances are in place.


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Finally, the condition of these students provides as an alarming lesson in the value of taking precautions and thorough research when looking to find the services of immigration agents. Canadian authorities must ensure that such fraudulent processes are held accountable and that international students are not misused for personal benefit. Students who have had their dreams crushed deserve a fair solution to their problems.

[One of these students, Mr. Chaman Singh Bath provided all this information to on telephone from Toronto.]

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