Quebec – 300+ Jobs Eligible for Simplified LMIA 2023 – Temporary Foreign Worker Project Canada

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Canada – Quebec Immigration has recently announced a NEW list of occupations for its Temporary Foreign Worker Project Simplified LMIA.

LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is a kind of approval from Economic and Social Development of Canada ESDC to fill any job position with a Foreign Worker. Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows Canadian Companies to hire any International Candidate for their vacant positions (if eligible).

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Simplified LMIA Quebec:

It is a quicker process of a regular LMIA Application. There are no complex requirements for companies to fulfil before applying for Simplified LMIA. Companies (in Quebec only) looking to hire International foreign workers must submit their application of LMIA to Canadian Federal Immigration and to the Quebec’s Provincial Immigration at the same time.

Eligibility for Simplified LMIA:

All businesses running within the boundaries of the province of Quebec can take advantage of this fast LMIA Process.

  • Equal Rights: It is mandatory for companies to offer a Temporary Foreign Worker the same Salary and Working environment as offered to any Canadian Citizen. While filling the Simplified LMIA Application, employers must provide the details i.e. (salaries and working conditions) of employees already working on the same job position
  • Health Insurance: Employers ensure to provide the Medical Insurance to Temporary Foreign Worker

Conditions for Low Wage Positions in Quebec:

When a Foreign Worker is offered a job with less than CA$25 / hour salary, the employer must provide

  • Transportation Costs: Employer must cover the cost of travel of a Foreign Worker from his/her Home Country to the work location in Quebec Canada. (That is the return Air Ticket provided by company).
  • Health Coverage: Employer must provide all Foreign Workers under the low-wage condition of simplified LMIA with a Health Coverage which is equal to the basic plan of RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec) till the foreign worker gets the coverage directly from RAMQ.
  • Accommodation: Employers need to arrange a suitable accommodation for a foreign worker or help them to find one.


Edmonton Mennonite Center for Newcomers
New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Project

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List of Eligible Occupations under Simplified LMIA Quebec:

Updated every year, this NEW list of more than 300 occupations is in effect from 24th February 2023.

Check the List of Occupations HERE

Benefits to the Province of Quebec:

The first benefit is that the processing of application is fast, which will help businesses to fill their vacant job positions quickly.

The second benefit of WELCOMING MORE FOREIGN WORKERS IN QUEBEC is once the foreign worker is eligible for Canadian PR, till that time he or she has already gained Canadian Work Experience. That Foreign Worker is more beneficial for the province’ economy as compare to a New Immigrant who arrives in the province with no Canadian Work Experience.


Quebec Immigration is looking for more Temporary Foreign Workers in the year 2023 than ever before. The programs being offered by Quebec shows that the Province is doing its best by relaxing its policies and requirements for employers willing to hire anyone from outside Canada. Simplified LMIA project will sure help to reduce the labour shortage conditions Quebec is facing.

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