eVisa | Hong Kong Visa For Indians and Pakistanis – How To Get it Online in 2024

All Indian and Pakistani nationals are required to get a visa/entry permit to enter Hong Kong. It could be a business visit or just for tourism purpose. The process of applying for Hong Kong Visa is simple and Online. It is an e-Visa.

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(Hong Kong eVisa Application Process)

The Hong Kong Visa for Indians and Pakistani nationals is valid for (3) months from the date it is issued.

How To Apply For Hong Kong Visa Online?

To apply Hong Kong e-Visa, applicants can visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF HONG KONG IMMIGRATION. Look for the tab “How To Start” and click on “Online application for entry for visit/transit in Hong Kong”. Accept the declaration statement to start the Online Visa Application.

The time required by Hong Kong Immigration to process the Online Visa Application is generally 4 weeks. The decision is sent via email.

The validity of Hong Kong eVisa is usually (3) months. But the travelers can stay in the country only for the number of days they have requested in their online visa application.

Pakistani nationals can travel to Hong Kong directly after the issuance of the eVisa. Whereas, Indians need to apply for (PAR) Pre Arrival Registration, before starting their journey to Hong Kong. Applying for “Pre Arrival Registration” is an online process mandatory for all Indian nationals.

Hong Kong Visa Requirements For Indians and Pakistanis

As it is an eVisa, applicants are required to submit all the required documents online during the visa application process. The following documents are needed to apply for Hong Kong eVisa.

  • A valid passport – scanned copy of the page containing the name, date it birth, passport number, date of issue/expiry and picture etc
  • Applicant’s recent photograph
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months
  • Tax returns of last two years (if applicable)
  • Proof of Income
  • If employed: An employment letter from company / salary slips etc.
  • Business Owners can submit Company Registration Certificate, visiting cards and any other supporting document.
  • Return Air Ticket reservation
  • Hotel booking (or any other proof of accommodation)
  • Tour booking (if it is a leisure trip)
  • A Cover Letter (explaining the purpose of travel) – Get SAMPLE of COVER LETTER
  • Any other supporting document

Hong Kong eVisa Fee For Indians and Pakistanis

This is the best part of getting Hong Kong Visa. Applicant will only pay the Visa Fee if the Visa Application is Approved. If the application is refused by Hong Kong Immigration, no need to pay the fee.

The Hong Kong eVisa Fee is HK$230. As of today’s (19th April, 2024) exchange rates, HK$230 is equal to Indian Rupees 2,500 and Pakistani Rupees 8,000.

Once the visa application is approved, applicant will receive an email from Hong Kong Immigration with a link to pay the visa fee. This fee could be paid online with a valid debit or credit card.

Activities NOT ALLOWED On Visit Visa in Hong Kong

  • Any type of paid or unpaid employment
  • Start or join any Business
  • Become a student

Activities ALLOWED On Visit Visa in Hong Kong

  • Make contracts and submit business tenders
  • Attend exhibition or trade fair
  • Participate in business meeting or short seminar

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