108 Legit Staffing Companies in CANADA Might Get You A Job With Work Visa Sponsorship In 2024

Finding a Job in Canada as a Foreign Worker is tough. All Canadian provinces are trying their best to attract foreign workers. Today in this article we will be discussing about Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a Canadian Atlantic Province.

Growing economy of Nova Scotia is facing labour shortage in various job sectors. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program or Nova Scotia Nominee Program NSNP offers multiple immigration pathways through which foreigners can immigrate to the province.

If you are considering opportunities in Nova Scotia, curious about the Nova Scotia Job Market, this article is for you. Along with the NSNP streams, Nova Scotia has announced a list of 108 Staffing Companies in Canada, which are authorized to to provide hiring services to the foreign workers. These staffing companies in Canada are also called “Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters”.

Who are these Staffing Companies in Canada, and what’s the deal in Nova Scotia?

First things first, these staffing companies are the fastest solution to the legthly job search process. They offer great opportunities for individuals like you. Licensed and legit, these companies are familiar with the rules and regulations, ensuring a fair and transparent process for everyone involved.

Staffing companies in Canada works just like matchmakers, linking skilled workers with employers in need. It’s like finding the perfect puzzle piece for both sides.

These 108 staffing companies in Canada undergo strict checks and policy measures to ensure they meet the standards set by the Nova Scotia Province. This not only protects your interests but also guarantees a credible and reliable partnership.

According to the Labour Standards Code of Nova Scotia Government, it is not allowed for any individual or company to charge or collect fees from job seekers for providing information about potential employment opportunities or for assisting in the recruitment process.

Similarly, employers are not allowed to recover recruitment costs from their employees. These provisions are in place to protect job seekers from being exploited and to ensure that the recruitment process is fair and transparent

This is a clear message by the authorities to the staffing companies in Canada that they can not charge any amount from the foreign worker for proving their recruitment services. So, as a foreign worker, it is easier than ever before to get a Job in Canada with Work Visa Sponsorship in 2024.

How Staffing Companies in Canada can help Foreign Workers?

These companies or individuals are professionals and are well aware with the local job market, industry trends, and immigration policies and regulations. They act as your guides, providing information and support throughout the application process.

So, whether you have experience in IT, Healthcare or you are a skilled tradesperson, these staffing companies in Canada are ready to help you find a perfect job in Nova Scotia. That’s not all, they will guide and support you with the immigration matters like work permits, work visas, accommodation in Canada and much more.

Legit Staffing Companies in Canada

Provincial government of Nova Scotia has published a list of 108 Foreign Worker Recruiters from all across Canada. These 108 Staffing companies got the Licenses to engage in Foreign Worker Recruitment process under the Labour Standards Code (R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 246). It means that these companies or individuals are legit, fulfilled the provincial requirements to be a licensed recruiter and hire foreign workers legally for the employers of Nova Scotia.

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If you are considering Nova Scotia for your next career destination, consider partnering with the Staffing Companies in Canada. They bring experience, credibility, and a touch of personalized support to make your hiring and immigration process simple.

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