NZ eTA – Get New Zealand Multiple Entry Visa Without Supporting Documents in Just 3 Days

NZ eTA stands for “New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority“. Now people can travel to New Zealand with an eTA without having a Visit or Tourist Visa. There are conditions to travel, depending on your country of citizenship.

What is NZ eTA?

NZ eTA is a kind of online visa, which allows citizen of many countries to visit or transit through New Zealand for the purpose of Tourism. It is an easy option if compared to the traditional Visit Visa of New Zealand.

This travel authorization can be used to travel and reach New Zealand at any airport or seaport. Transit passengers can travel though the airport terminal if arriving at Auckland International Airport and those who wish to enter the country will get a Short Stay Visa at the time of entry.

Who Can Apply For NZ eTA?

As it is an electronic travel authorization, all nationalities are eligible to apply for NZ eTA. There are travelling conditions depending on your nationality and/or country of your passport.

Citizens of Visa Waiver Countries can get the New Zealand eTA to transit or Visit the country, if travelling by plane or by cruise ship.

The citizens of those countries which require a VISA to enter New Zealand (like India / Pakistan) can also obtain NZ eTA, but not allowed to travel to New Zealand by plane. Such travelers can enter New Zealand only if they are travelling by Cruise Ship.

Requirements to Apply NZ eTA

NZ eTA is the easiest visa to obtain as there are no supporting documents required. You just need

  • a valid passport
  • an email address
  • a photograph

Other requirements to get NZ eTA are

  • Good health conditions
  • Clear background (means good character)

How Much Funds Needed For NZ eTA

As no bank statement is required, so you can get NZ eTA without showing any proof of funds. But you must have money to bear your expenses while staying in New Zealand. At the time of entry, Immigration Officer may ask you for the proof of funds.

If you have already booked any accommodation in New Zealand, you need NZ$400 for each month of your stay. And if no accommodation booked in advance, you will need NZ$1000 for each month of your stay in New Zealand.

New Zealand eTA Application and Process Time

The application process for electronic travel authorization of New Zealand is as easy as getting a ticket to any fun park. It is a 5minute online application process, where you will provide your personal information, your passport details and the main question is whether you are travelling by plane or by a cruise ship.

As mentioned above, citizens of visa waiver countries can travel by plane but the citizens of non-visa waiver countries must select the option of “travelling by cruise” to obtain NZ eTA.

The application can be made online in two different ways.

  • Via New Zealand eTA Mobile App
  • Via New Zealand eTA Website

NZ eTA Cost

Applying through the New Zealand eTA Mobile app is cheaper than applying through their website.

  • Fees for applying through New Zealand eTA Mobile app is NZ$17
  • Fees for applying through New Zealand eTA Website is NZ$23

Anyone who wishes to enter New Zealand for visit, must pay an additional “International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL)Fees of NZD $35.

Validity and Duration Of Stay In New Zealand

New Zealand eTA is valid for 2 years and can be used to travel to New Zealand multiple times. The duration of each stay in New Zealand depends upon the Immigration Officer. They can grant entry for up to 3 months and 6 months for UK passport holders.

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