Top 20 Cruise Ships to New Zealand in 2024 – From Cheap to Most Luxury Cruise Liners

Cruise ships to New Zealand offers memorable as well as enjoyable vacation experience. From standard rooms to luxury suites, dining options, entertainment, activities and much more. Passengers of all ages have something for their interests.

Are you planning a cruise trip to New Zealand? Many cruise liners around the globe offers their best services on this route. Each ship varies in amenities and services, so research and choose your cruise liner based on your preferences and budget for an unforgettable trip.

Best Time to Cruise to New Zealand

There are peak and off seasons for cruise travel to New Zealand. Considering the weather of Southern Hemisphere, the peak time for tourist traveling through cruise ships to New Zealand starts from October and ends in April. The cruise ships are expensive during the peak season.

Whereas, winter cruise season for New Zealand runs from April to the end of July. Cruise liners usually offer cheaper rates and discounts during these months.

Top 20 Cruise Ships to New Zealand in 2024

New Zealand is a popular destination for many major cruise liners, offering various itineraries to match your budget. Here are the 20 best cruise ships to New Zealand for 2024

Choose cruise liner and your cruise ship to New Zealand wisely. Multiple options are available as per your choice.

For budget travelers: Cruise options usually include more affordable cabin choices, access to main dining halls included in the ticket and a some of complimentary onboard activities like shows and pool use.

For luxury cruisers: Tourists can enjoy memorable living experience in luxury suites with private balconies, access to exclusive specialty restaurants, high end amenities such as spas and much more personalized services.

Ports of Call in New Zealand in 2024

There are four main cruise ports in New Zealand, where large cruise liners stops. Tourists can enter New Zealand at these port of entries.

  • The City of Sails “Auckland”
  • Bay of Islands
  • New Zealand’s capital city “Wellington”
  • Land of Scottish Heritage “Dunedin

Before Planning Your Cruise to New Zealand

When planning your trip via cruise ship to New Zealand, you need to take care of the following

Check Visa Requirements: Make sure you have the necessary visas for entry into New Zealand and any other countries on your itinerary. It is recommended to get NZ eTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization) if traveling on a cruise ship.

Applying and getting NZ eTA is simple and short process. You can apply online. The normal process time for NZ eTA is 3 Days, but usually you get it in few hours.

nz eta visa

Last Words

Cruise ships to New Zealand offers one in lifetime experience. Above mentioned 20 cruise liners have options as per your preferences to make your journey memorable and pocket friendly.

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