Subclass 482 Visa Australia – Get 4 Years Work Visa For These 215 Jobs

Australian Immigration offers multiple programs for foreign workers, who wish to immigrate to Australia. Australian Job Market is very big, and it attracts foreign workers from all around the world to live and work in Australia.

If you wish to work in Australia, you might need a Work Visa. There are different types of Work Visas in Australia. Today we will be discussing a category of Work Visa which is subclass-482. It is also called TSS ” Temporary Skill Shortage” visa 482.

As the name clarifies, this “482 Visa Australia” is only for those jobs for which there is a need of workers. A total of 215 occupations are considered by Australian Authorities as Skill Shortage Occupations.

What is 482 Visa Australia?

This Visa is for foreign workers who have appropriate skills in some specific occupations which are on the list of “Shortage Occupations”. Employer nominates a foreign worker to apply for this 482 Visa Australia.

The process of this visa is simplified in 4 steps.

Step 1: Employer in Australia applies for Approval to be a Sponsor
Step 2: Employer gets the Approval
Step 3: Employer nominates any foreign worker
Step 4: You can apply 482 Visa Australia (only after getting the nomination from the employer)

482 Visa Requirements

Basic requirements to apply for TSS 482 Visa are

  • Have Nomination from the approved employer for a specific occupation listed in the “Shortage Occupation List
  • Age – No set age limit to apply for this visa
  • Work Experience: have at least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Language Skills:
    • As a foreign worker, you might be exempt from the requirement of “Language skills” if you meet any of the terms mentioned below;
      • If you are a citizen of Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom or United States
      • 5 years of education in a secondary level institution where most classes were in English you are:
      • You are an employee of an overseas business
      • Salary offered to you is at least AUD$ 96,400 per year
    • If not a single term applies to you, then you have to provide Language proficiency test results
      • IELTS – Minimum 5 band with the score of at least 4.5 in each category
      • PTE – Minimum score of 36 (30 in each category)
  • Health Insurance – to cover your medical costs during your stay in Australia

Australian Skill Shortage List for TSS 482 Visa

There are total of 215 occupations considered as “skill shortage occupations” in Australia in 2024. You can check the updated list of these Skill Shortage Occupations HERE.

Duration and Cost of 482 Visa Australia

  • You can get the 482 Visa of 2 years to 4 years duration.
  • The application fees for 482 Visa Australia is AUD$ 1,455

Is 482 Visa Australia eligible for PR?

Yes, you can apply for permanent residence in Australia after 2 years of work on this Visa. Make sure you meet all other requirements for Permanent Residence in Australia.


The TSS 482 Visa Australia is a Fast Track Work Visa of Australia. If you have work experience in any of the Skill Shortage Occupations, you might get this visa in just 2 weeks. This will help foreign workers to smoothly integrate in to the Australian Job Market as well as helps Australian employers to overcome the labour shortage problems.

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24 thoughts on “Subclass 482 Visa Australia – Get 4 Years Work Visa For These 215 Jobs

  1. Hello sir I hope you my name is Ali and I am from Kuwait and I work as a plumber I need to Australia visa I have 8 years experience

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  4. I’m interested work in Australia in hospitality
    Now I’m working in Saudi Arabia as cook in Arabic restaurant
    Before I also working in Saudi Arabia 8 years steak house restaurant

  5. Feb,03 2024 at 12:55PM
    Hello sir I hope you my name is Ali and I am from Kuwait and I work as a plumber I need to Australia visa I have 8 years experience

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  8. I have 3 years diploma of Butician۔ it includes all fields۔ I am very perfectly do hair styles ، hair treatment and hair colourings۔ post diploma I have 3 & half years experience۔

  9. I have 3 years diploma of Butician۔ it includes all fields۔ I am very perfectly do hair styles ، hair treatment and hair colourings۔ post diploma I have 3 & half years experience۔

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  10. Hi,

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  14. Hi sir my name is Shaukat ali form pakistan I’m Shopkeeper 10 years experience and I’m car driver 12 years experience

  15. Dear HR,

    I have worked for 4 years as a Mechanical Engineering Technician in Pakistan.
    I am eligible for “482 Visa Australia -TSS”.
    Kindly guide me how to start and execute the process…

    Regards: M. Umer Rashid.

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    Regards: Shaista khan

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