Live and Work in Spain for up to 3 Years as a Visitor

Spain is going to introduce a new Visa under its Startup Act. This new visa is purely for digital nomads / freelancers to live and work in Spain. There are 30 specific remote locations in Spain ready to welcome digital nomad from around the world.

Anyone having this Nomad Visa do not need to apply for separate work visa. There is No specific requirement of IELTS for this visa, as well as No Job Offer is required.

Check out these small villages and towns in Spain through an interactive map

live and work in spain
Live and Work in Spain as a Digital Nomad

Initially visitors can stay and work in Spain for up to 12 months only, but this is a renewable visa, so you guys can renew it two times. Digital Nomads may get tax exemptions also.

There are 30 small towns all across Spain, participating in this program to Welcome nomads from different parts of the world. All these towns / villages are working together with an association named National Network of Welcoming Villages for Remote Workers. All these towns are less populated, having not more than 5,000 permanent residents in each town.

How To Apply for this New Visa?

As this new policy update is still under review by the parliament and related authorities, still it is not clear that how one should apply for this Visa. But most likely the applicant will have to visit the Spanish Embassy / Consulate or their Visa Application Centre in applicant’s home country to apply for this Visa.

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Who can Apply?

The nationals of EU member states are already allowed to enter Spain and Work remotely as a Digital Nomad for up to 6 months. So, this new visa will allow Non-EU nationals to visit Spain, Live and Work there.

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  1. It’s a great opportunity for new people who wants to relocate to EU. I too will definitely apply for this.

    1. Hi,
      How are you?
      I am also to relocate to Spain from Karachi, Pakistan.
      Kindly send me the necessary web links, to submit the documents.
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