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Canada is one of the safest countries on our planet. Why not immigrate to Canada if it offers a pathway like Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP). This could be a perfect opportunity for skilled workers who wish to settle in Canada permanently. AIP is a pathway to Canadian PR and Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) leads to Canadian Citizenship.

From more than hundred Immigration Pathways, Atlantic Immigration Program is ranked in top 3. It is because, it attracts thousands of new immigrants each year.

What is an Atlantic Immigration Program?

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is an easy pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence. You can immigrate to Canada and start a new life along with your family in any of the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island

Designated Employers of these four provinces can hire foreign skilled workers under AIP to fill their vacant vacancies for which they could not find a suitable candidate within Canada. This program is efficiently helping the Atlantic provinces in their population growth as well.

Who can Apply under AIP?

Two types of applicants are eligible to apply under AIP.

  1. Recent Graduates from any post secondary institution within these Atlantic Provinces
  2. Skilled Foreign Workers (inside or outside Canada)
Atlantic Immigration Program Canada Overview

How it Works

Atlantic immigration program is an employer driven program. First step is the candidates responsibility to find a job with one of the designated employers of Atlantic provinces. Each Atlantic province has their list of designated employers, these lists are updated regularly. You can find updates lists below

Once an employer finds a candidate eligible for their vacant job position and who is also eligible for AIP, the employer produces a Job Offer. Check the REAL JOB OFFER CANADA under AIP. No LMIA (labour market impact assessment) is required.

The next step is to get a settlement plan, which is offered free of cost by many settlement service providers within Atlantic provinces. This settlement plan helps you and your family once you reach Canada. Employer who issued the Job offer letter to you, can also help in obtaining the settlement plan.

AIP offers eligible candidates to apply for a temporary work permit, because the PR process takes months and the employers could not wait that long. To apply for the work permit under AIP, you need

  • a job offer letter
  • a reference letter from the provincial immigration
  • a promise to apply for CANADA PR within 90days of submitting the work permit application

Who is Eligible for Atlantic Immigration Program Canada

To be eligible for AIP Canada, each applicant must

  • have qualifying work experience
  • meet the minimum educational requirement
  • meet at least the minimum language requirement
  • enough funds for self support

Anyone fulfils the above criteria can start the job hunt by contacting the designated employers in Atlantic provinces.



Eligibility Criteria for AIP (Required Documents)

Work Experience

Minimum of 1560 hours of work experience is required. This number of hours is equal to a full time work (30 hours per week) for a year. The qualifying work experience should be within the past five years.

This Work Experience should in one of the following four National Occupational Classification (NOC 2021) TEER levels.

  • TEER 0 (Managerial Occupations)
  • TEER 1 (Professionals like Doctors, Engineers etc.)
  • TEER 2 (Technical and Skilled Trades which needs at least two years of collage)
  • TEER 3 (Technical and Skilled Trades which needs less than two years of collage)
  • TEER 4 (Job which require high school education or On Job training)

Educational requirements

The education level must match the job position being offered to you.

  • If job offered is under TEER 0 or 1, you need at least one year post secondary educational qualification or equal education from outside Canada
  • If the job offered in under TEER 2,3 or 4, you may need a Canadian high school certificate or diploma or equal education from outside Canada

If you have any educational document from outside of Canada, you need to have an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report to prove the Canadian equivalency.

Language requirements

The language criteria also depends upon your occupation.

  • If your job offer is under TEER 0,1,2,or 3, the minimum language score required is CLB 5
  • If your job offer is under TEER 4, the minimum language score required is CLB 4

CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) is a method Canadian Immigration follows to calculate your IELTS score. IELTS to CLB calculator

Settlement funds

Applicants needs to prove that they have enough funds in their bank account to support themselves and their family members. The amount you need to show depends upon the number of your family members. Below is the funds chart as of April 2023.

Settlement Funds Chart for Atlantic Immigration Program CANADA

Job Offer

Applicant needs a Full Time and Non-seasonal Job Offer from any Designated Employer of the Atlantic province.

  • The duration of the job offered is at least 1 year if your job position is under TEER 0,1,2 or 3.
  • No fix end date of the job offered if the job position is under TEER 4.

Canadian Immigration Offer of Employment to a Foreign National form is the Acceptable Format of Job Offer under Atlantic Immigration Program.

A settlement plan

As a foreigner outside Canada, you can seek services from the settlement service providers in Canada. Getting a settlement plan is absolutely free. Your designated employer can also guide you to get a settlement plan.

Endorsement Certificate

This step is done by the designated employer who offers a job. Employer submit the application to the province to endorse the Job Offer Letter. Once done, applicant receives the Endorsement Certificate in their mail.

Apply For Canadian PR

Once all the above mentioned documents are complete, you can submit the application to IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for Canadian Permanent Residence.

How much is the Fees for Canada PR?

The Fees for Canadian PR is CAD1,365. This fees must be paid online to IRCC.


Atlantic Immigration Program Canada is one of the easy pathways towards Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). Two important factors making AIP unique are the “Low Requirements” and “Available Lists of Designated Employers of each Atlantic Province”.

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