CANADA’s Agricultural Stream 2023 – FREE AGRICULTURE VISA for all Nationalities


agricultural stream 2023 agriculture visa canada

Do you want to immigrate to Canada as a Farm Worker? Whether you are a skilled farmer, a professional or belong to any unskilled farming occupation, if your nature of work is related to on-ground farming then you may come to Canada through Agricultural Stream of Canada Immigration.

Regardless of your nationality, you can get Canada’s Temporary Work Permit of 2 or 3 years as a farm worker, which allows you to live and work in Canada. More than 60,000 temporary foreign workers come to Canada each year.

Agricultural Stream Canada

Agricultural Stream is a pathway under Canadian Federal Immigration’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program. This stream is built to overcome the labour shortage of farm workers in Canada for specific commodity sectors and some specific occupations related to Primary Agriculture.

Requirements for Agricultural Stream

All the foreign workers needs to have a Job Offer from any Farming Company in Canada (except Quebec). There are two main factors to understand before applying for a Job

  1. Production of the Farm must be in specific commodity sectors
  2. The Job Position must be related to on-farm primary agriculture

Eligible Commodity Sectors for Agriculture Visa

Apiary productsPedigreed canola seedSodHorse
Fruits / Vegetables (Picking, Packing & Farming)Seed cornTobaccoMink
FlowersOil seedsDairySheep
Nursery-grown treesMaple syrupDuckSwine

Eligible Occupations related to Primary Agriculture for Agriculture Visa

  • 85100 – Livestock labourers
  • 85101 – Harvesting labourers
  • 80020 – Managers in agriculture
  • 80021 – Managers in horticulture
  • 85103 – Nursery and greenhouse labourer
  • 82030 – Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors
  • 84120 – Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators
  • 82031 – Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services

If your job occupation is one of the above or consistent with any of these occupations, you may be eligible for a Canadian Work Visa under Agricultural Stream.


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Benefits for Foreign Workers under Agricultural Stream

Canadian Immigration follows strict policies when it come to the rights of foreign workers. Agricultural Stream offers many benefits to foreign workers

  • $0 Processing Fee:
    There is No LMIA processing fee for the occupations related to primary agriculture and positions under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 80020, 80021, 82030, 82031, 84120, 85100, 85101 and 85103.
  • Free Air Ticket:
    All the companies hiring foreign workers under Agricultural Stream must pay Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) in advance the full amount of return Air Ticket to Canada and back to their home country.
    Important: Employer can not charge this amount from the TFW.
  • Everyday Transport:
    Employers must provide daily transport to TFW in Canada from their accommodation to work place and back.
  • Accommodation:
    Employers must arrange suitable and affordable housing for TFW and minimum cost.
  • Health Insurance:
    All TFWs will get Medical Coverage from the company in the form of Health Insurance.

These are the few basic benefits for TFWs under Agricultural Stream. For more details visit Canadian Federal Immigration Website Here

Duration of Canadian Work Permits Under Agricultural Stream

The duration of work permit depends upon the salary and job position you are being offered.

  • The Low wage job positions can get a work permit for up to 2 years
  • High Wage job positions can get the worrk permit for up to 3 years

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    1. Hallo. I am ROKIB UDDIN. My qualifications 10. My country is Bangladesh. I am 10 years Oman lavar worker. My very good experience and farm worker. Housekeeper. Construction worker. Furit fakin. Vegetables fakin. Factory worker. Cleaner. OK please contact me please.

  1. My qualification is master in business administration.I worked in garments business,operated boutique and worked online as husband has distribution business in capital city of Pakistan.distributed wide range if products.we have 2 kids under 13 years.we want to immigrate to Canada.

  2. hi i have done my post graduate in agricultural entomology . i wanna start my career in agriculture in canada. how can i apply

  3. i wanna apply in agriculture pilot program in Canada, i think i am eligible for the posts because i have my Msc Hons in agriculture

  4. Hello my name is Simran Kashyap I’m from India I need new Zealand job my experience factory worker,housekeeping ,storekeeper, fruit picking, kiwi paker and picking ,cleaner ,farm worker I can apply please

  5. Hello my name is Shivangi , I have done Master’s from Agriculture from India. and I i consider myself appropriate for this work. Please guide me how can I apply for these jobs and with other proceedings

  6. Hello my name is Shivangi , I have done Master’s from Agriculture from India. and I i consider myself appropriate for this work. As I have also been in academics as assistant professor, I hold good ability as guide and other team Please guide me how can I apply for these jobs and with other proceedings. Looking forward for your kind response

  7. Babul Hussain
    WhatsApp number +8801865672409
    Gmail : [email protected]
    Dear Sir, Madam
    I am writing about a suitable post of Skill Label D Category Worker Helper
    Labor or Cleaner in your Organization. I have a particular interest in working
    for your Organization and would appreciate being considered as a job
    candidate. I feel I can make a positive contribution to your Company.
    I completed my studies in Panchakanda Haragovinda Government High
    School, Beani Bazar, in 8th standard in 1990. And since then I have joined
    the job as a general employee. Working in a Ready made clothes shop from
    2012 to 2020. Men’s and women’s and children’s clothes are available here.
    So I can continue any type of worker Labor or cleaning work in your
    establishment. For this I want a new job in your institution. Kindly hope to
    get a job opportunity right from your institution.
    My curriculum vitae and picture are attached. I appreciate your consideration
    of my credentials.
    Candidate Name : Babul Hussain

  8. Hlo ! My name is Atiya Abid and am from Pakistan.I have done Bs Botany and i want to start my career in agriculture in canada .hope for the best thanks

  9. Respectd,
    i am interested in farm working.i have 5 year experience at plants seeds shop so that i think i am fit to join your vacancies.and every year in the harvesting season i do help farmers.

    Zohaib ali

  10. Hi my name is Afaq mehmood I live in Pakistan I have 10th class passed I have more than 15 years experience in driving in different type of driving I have safety courses different type of course I worked with different nationality people.I worked with many multinationals companies I have HTV LTV license in pakistan

  11. Hi, sir/madam
    I experienced heavy truck driver and heavy equipment
    & machinery operator. I have 15 years experience as a heavy truck trailer driver and heavy machinery operator in dubai UAE.
    I want to move to Canada permanently with my family please hire me.
    Thanks and regarding

  12. I’m thusitha priyanga wickramapala from Sri Lanka l like to agriculture field job I like to do it in canada

  13. Hello ! My name is Mansoor Hussain and i am from Pakistan. I have done My Master Degree Program In Agriculture Entomology and i want to start my career in agriculture in canada .hope for the best thanks

  14. Hello ! My name is syed fayyaz shah and i am from Pakistan. I have done My Master Degree Program In Agriculture Entomology and i want to start my career in agriculture in canada .hope for the best thanks

  15. Hi i am eliseo yonson from philippines, i want to work in canada , i would like to apply and avail as a Agricultural stream offer or any agricultural related work such as mushroom picker and the likes.
    Thank you so much and have a nice day.

  16. Hi, I’m Kaushalya Fernando from SriLanka and looking for an Education field or administration assistant. I have business/ visitor visa. Please do the needful. Thanks in advance

  17. Hi halo sir how are you sir my name is Muhammad I’m interested in Canada work visa my experience 5 years laundry work and 6 years security guard experience and other all rounder sir please help thanks

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