Top 5 High In Demand Job Sectors in Canada for Foreign Workers in Second and Third Quarter of 2022

Jobs in “High In Demand Job Sectors in Canada” are most likely to be filled by foreign workers.

Canada is facing labour shortage, we all know this. Around 945,700 vacant vacancies in Canada means Canadian Employers are desperately looking for Employees.

Getting a Job Offer from any Canadian Employer is the top most priority of any foreign workers looking for job in Canada. Canadian immigration offers programs where No Job Offer is required, but most of the pathways require a Job Offer letter.

According to Statistics Canada, number of vacant job vacancies goes up from last year 2021 to the first quarter of 2022. Labour shortage gap increased by 25,000 more job vacancies this year.

When it comes to foreign workers seeking jobs in Canada from abroad, it gets tough for random job seekers. But if you exactly know, which job sector is facing high labour shortage and which job vacancy is most likely to be filled by foreign worker, then your job hunt will not be as difficult.

in demand job sectors in canada
In demand job sectors in Canada

This is no more a mystery. Here we take a look on

Top 5 High In Demand Job Sectors in Canada for Foreign Workers for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare in Canada is considered most in demand job sector right now. If we look back to 2020, healthcare sector was facing a work force shortage of around 65,000 people. Whereas, now in 2022, this shortage increased to 135,000 workers. And it is still increasing.

As a foreign worker, if you are related to healthcare industry by any means, you have bright chances to get hired by any Canadian Healthcare Employer.

Construction Sector

The Construction Industry is Canada is booming. The labour shortage this industry is facing is around 81,500 right now. This good thing is, all these labour shortage figures are not for the skilled and professionals of this industry.

The most in demand job category in the Construction industry is NOC Code 7611 “Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers”.

No Skilled profession in Construction Industry can wok without a helper. So, helpers and labourers of all skilled trades in Construction Industry are high in demand in Canada.

Manufacturing and Retail Trade Sector

This job sector includes factory workers also. It means, there is a lot of room for skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled and professionals in this manufacturing and retail trade sector.

In 2022, around 114,000 plus workers are needed in this industry.

Professional Scientific and Technical Services

This sector showed improvements since last year. The labour shortage decreased when we compare the number from last year till now. Even then, this job sector is looking for approx. 68,000 workers to fill up the vacant job positions in the industry.

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And now, the most favorite of foreign workers and high in demand job sector in Canada from mid to end of 2022

Accommodation and Food Service Sector

According to an online survey, most foreign workers love to apply jobs in this sector. As it is a vast job sector, with so many available job opening in Canada all the year long.

Not only Kitchen helpers or Dishwashers, but there are many more vacant job positions in this industry which do not require a University Degree or Experience.

Accommodation and Food Service Sector is trying hard to overcome the labor shortage of around 120,000 people in 2022.

Conclusion: Now as we have Top High In Demand Job Sectors in Canada for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2022, no need to search for random jobs. Focus on these job industries which are in high labour needs. Grab your Job Offer easily from any Canadian Employer by doing research on available job openings in the above mentioned in demand job sectors.

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