Visitor Visa NZ – New Zealand Tourist Visa Requirements, Cost and Process Time in 2023-24

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Are you planning your to travel to New Zealand? Whether it is a holiday, looking for job opportunities, you want to visit friends or family members or even for a short term study opportunity, New Zealand Tourist Visa is required for the nationals of all those countries which are not under the New Zealand Visa Waiver Policy.

You can check if you need a visitor visa NZ or not HERE

So, if you need a Visitor Visa NZ, this article will save a lot of your time. We are going to share everything you want to know from New Zealand Tourist Visa Requirements to the actual cost of the visa application, process time and for how long you can stay in New Zealand.

What Can You Do with a Visitor Visa NZ?

The New Zealand Visit Visa or a Tourist Visa comes with a lot of benefits for travelers.

  • Fun and Family Time: You can Visit your friends and/or family members.
  • Short-term Studies: You can study for up to 3 months while exploring the beauty of New Zealand.
  • Job Interviews: You can attend a job interview in New Zealand with a Tourist Visa.
  • Include your Family: You can include your immidiate family (i.e. Your Partner/Spouse and dependent children aged 19 and below) in a single visa application.
  • Extended Visits: With a Visitor Visa NZ, you can stay in New Zealand for up to 6 months for a single visit and you have the option to extend your stay to up to 9 months.

New Zealand Visit Visa Requirements

Having proper documents means your chances of getting Visitor Visa NZ are High, so try not to miss any required documents for your smooth Tourist Visa Application. Below is the updated list of required documents for Visitor Visa NZ

  • Passport: must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Photo: Provide a recent passport size photo of yourself.
  • Health Check: A chest X-ray and/or Health Certificate (may be required)
  • Character Certificate: Police Clearance Certificate is required to prove your clean background
  • Ties to Home Country: Show your connection to your home country with
    • Employed:
      • A letter from the company you work for stating your current job position, salary, duration of leave etc.
      • Attach your salary slips as well.
    • Self Employed:
      • Business registration
      • other company documents
  • Family Members: If your are applying for Visa with family, attach their passport and photo. Moreover, you must provide documents to prove your relationship (i.e. Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates) etc.
  • Proof of Funds: Provide your Bank Statement (see details for funds below)
  • Sponsorship Documents: If someone is sponsoring your visit, their bank statement and an affidavit are required
  • Health Insurance: Full health insurance coverage is a must for your entire travel duration
  • Air ticket reservation and proof of accommodation like hotel bookings
  • Translations: If your documents are not in English, get certified translations for fast processing of your visa application
  • A Cover Letter for Tourist Visa Application

How Much Funds Needed in Bank Statement for Visitor Visa NZ

Make sure, you have at least NZ$1000 for each month of your stay in NZ. If your proof of accommodation is already paid, you will need NZ$400 for each month of your stay.

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Duration of Stay in New Zealand on a Visitor Visa

Your New Zealand Visit Visa offers flexibility for the duration of your legal stay in the country. You can

  • Stay up to 6 months for multiple visits.
  • Stay up to 9 months for a single visit.

Fees for Visitor Visa NZ

There are two types of fees associated with your visitor/tourist visa application.

  • Main Application Fee – NZ$211
  • International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) – NZ$35

Note: You can include your family members in your main application and pay single fee. But you must pay NZ$35 per applicant in your visa application.

CALCULATE YOUR TOTAL FEES as NZ$211 + (NZ$35 X number of applicants)

Processing Time of New Zealand Tourist Visa Application

As announced by New Zealand Immigration, most visa applications are processed within 35 business days.

HOW TO APPLY Visitor Visa NZ?

The application process is easy and simple. You can apply Visitor Visa NZ Online. No biometrics are required, so you do not have to go to any visa application centre or New Zealand Embassy.

Steps to apply New Zealand Visitor Visa

  • Gather all the required documents (as mentioned above)
  • Create a RealMe account on New Zealand Immigration website
  • Fill in the Visa Application Form (available online)
  • Upload the required documents with your visa application online
  • Pay the total fees for your Visit Visa Application
  • Wait for the Decision

Last Words

So that’s all. We can covered each and everything in this article which you need to know to apply your Visitor Visa NZ. Whether you want to travel for a holiday, to study for less than 3 months, to visit any friends or family member or you are a job seeker, New Zealand Visitor Visa is the best option for you. Make sure, you have the right documentation ready before you apply. Good Luck.

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