Latest: Canada’s New Immigration Pathway for Skilled Refugees under EMPP in 2023

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Canada is always looking for new pathways to attract skilled workers from different parts of the world. When it comes to Refugees, Government of Canada has shown practically that they really welcome them.

After updating the Safe Third Country Agreement, and stop the incoming flow of refugees entering Canada from US, Canadian Immigration is set to launch a new pathway only for refugees by offering them economic opportunities in Canada through a new immigration pathway under the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP).

This new pathway of Canadian Immigration under EMPP will connect the skilled refugees with those employers in Canada who are facing labour shortages. This new refugee program is set to start in Summer 2023. Refugees outside Canada having the work experience in specific occupations will be eligible for this new Program.

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)

The EMPP is a Canadian federal immigration program designed to help employers who want to hire skilled refugees and other displaced persons. The skilled refugees can apply under this new pathway of Canadian Immigration and employers all over Canada can access the pool of qualified candidates who are ready and willing to work.

New Pathway for Skilled Refugees to Canada PR

This new pathway under the EMPP will provide a way for skilled refugees and displaced persons to enter the Canadian job market and contribute to the country’s economic growth. The job sectors considered in demand for this pathway are healthcare, technology, and hospitality.

In-demand Jobs

There are few specific occupations set under this new immigration program. Refugees having the qualifying work experience under these occupations are eligible to apply under this new program. These occupations are

  • Delivery Drivers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Tourism and hospitality workers
  • Nurse aids
  • Personal support workers
  • Long-term care aids
  • Web designers
  • Software engineers
  • Mechanical engineers and technicians
  • Electrical engineers and technicians
  • Teachers

Fast Processing under this New Immigration Pathway

Canadian Federal Immigration Minister Mr. Sean Fraser said in a statement on 27th March, that most of the applicants will be processed within 6 months of total duration under this program.

It clearly means that Canadian Government is looking forward to welcome more foreign skilled workers via different streams.

Canada’s Immigration Targets

Canada is already a top destination for immigrants. The targets set by immigration for 2023 are 465,000 new permanent residents. These number will increase next year up to 485,000 immigrants in 2024, and 500,000 immigrants in 2025 as per the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025.

Last Words

Canada’s new pathway under the EMPP provides a way for skilled refugees and displaced persons to fulfil their Canadian Dream by stepping into Canadian job market and help Canadian Employers fulfilling there vacant vacancies in key sectors. By welcoming more immigrants and creating economic opportunities for refugees and displaced persons, Canada is taking a step towards building a more diverse workforce. As the program expands over the next few years, it is hoped that more skilled refugees and displaced persons will be able to contribute to Canada’s economic growth.

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