New Atlantic Immigration Program of Canada 2022 | A Pathway to Canada PR

Atlantic Immigration Program | AIP | Immigrate to Canada

Atlantic Immigration Program of Canada 2022

Atlantic Immigration Program is open for applications from 15th January 2022. If you are looking for an opportunity to start a new life in Canada, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

AIP Atlantic Immigration Program is now a permanent program of Canadian Immigration, which replaced the old AIPP Atlantic immigration pilot program.

AIP is designed to support the 4 Atlantic Provinces of Canada. New Brunswick, New Foundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island.

It is a pathway to Permanent Residency for foreign skilled workers and international graduates from a Canadian institution to live and work in the 4 Atlantic provinces of Canada.

This is an employer-driven program. Employers in Atlantic Canada can hire qualified skilled workers for jobs they are unable to fill locally. Employers must produce an Offer of Employment to the candidate in order to start the process.

There are certain requirements for the employers also, like they must be registered as Designated Employer with the Province in order to issue a Job Offer. But this article is about the Candidates, so below are the details for the Applicants who want to Immigrate to Canada through Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

Atlantic Immigration Program


Note: Once you meet all the requirements, only then start your application process.

  1. Work Experience:
    Minimum Work experience required is at least 1 year equitant to 1560 working hours, that is 1 year full time – 30 hours a week in the past 5 years.

This Work Experience should in one of the following 4 National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels.
– Skill Level 0 (Managerial Occupations)
– Skill Level A (Professionals like Doctors, Engineers etc.)
– Skill Level B (Technical and Skilled Trades like Plumbers, Chefs etc.)
– Skill Level C (Semi Skilled Workers like Butchers, Drivers, Restaurant Servers etc.)

International graduates –
Must meet all the requirements below to be exempt from the work experience requirements.

a) Have a degree, diploma, certificate, or trade or apprenticeship certification that
took at least 2 years of studies from a recognized post-secondary institution in any of the Atlantic provinces.
b) Studied Full time
c) Lived in any of the Atlantic Province for at least 16 months in past 2 years.
d) Had the visa or permit required to work and/or study in Canada.

Educational requirements:
Minimum Education required is a high school diploma, post-secondary certificate or degree if you studied in Canada or an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report to prove that your education is equal to a Canadian secondary or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree if you studied outside Canada

Language requirements:
Minimum language requirements are based on the Skill Level of your occupation.
For Skill Level 0, A, B Occupations – CLB/NCLC 5
For Skill Level C Occupations – CLB/NCLC 4

Settlement funds:
You have to prove that you got enough money to support yourself and your family when you get to Canada. This amount depends on the number of family members even if they are not travelling with you to Canada.

Number of Family MembersTotal Funds Required in CAD
more than 7 (this amount is required for each member)$890

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Job Offer:
You need to have a Job Offer from a Designated employer in any of the 4 Atlantic Provinces.
Job Offered to you must be a Permanent, Full Time, Non-Seasonal and under 1 of the following NOC Skill Levels.
Skill Level 0, Skill Level A, Skill Level B and Skill Level C
Job Offer must be on Form of Canadian Immigration Offer of Employment to a Foreign National form [IMM 0157]

A settlement plan:
Once you get a job offer from a designated employer, you need to get a settlement plan.
Settlement Plan helps the Newcomers to adjust in the new Enviroment in Canada.
Getting a Settlement Plan is FREE.
There are many Settlement Service Provider Organizations in Canada, you can contact them online and arrange to get a settlement plan.

Endorsement Certificate:
The Final Step before making your Permanent Residence Application, your employer must request the province to Endorse your Job Offer. The PR application must be submitted after the endorsement of Job Offer.

Temporary Work permit (Optional)For the Applicant
Permanent Residence Applicant under Atlantic Immigration Program may be eligible for 1 Year Temporary Work permit. This work permit allows the applicant to work in Canada while the PR application is in process. But you can only work with the employer who issued you a job offer letter.

Three things to keep in mind to process this work permit

– It is only for the Atlantic Immigration Program

– Validity of this permit is 1 year

– You can only work for the employer who offered you the job

Your PR application must be submitted within 90 days of submitting your temporary work permit application.

Temporary Work permit (Optional)For Spouse or Common Law Partners

Spouse or Common law partners of the applicants may be eligible for Canada’s Open Work Permit. If the Applicant’s job occupation falls under

  • Skill level 0
  • Skill level A
  • Skill level B
  • Skill Level C

You can check your NOC code and Skill Level by visiting the official website of Canada Immigration, follow the link below.

How to Apply for Work Permit under Atlantic Immigration Program

All Work permit applications must be submitted online of Canada Immigration official website.

To apply an online Work Permit of Canada under Atlantic Immigration Program, the applicant must provide the following listed documents.

  • Job Offer Number (this number is issued by the provincial immigration, from where you get the job offer), your employer will provide this number.
  • A letter of reference from that specific Atlantic Province, from where you got the Job Offer.
  • An application form IMM5654, to confirm that applicant is applying under Atlantic Immigration program, so no Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA needed.
  • Language Proficiency (IELTS)
  • Proof of Education
  • Documents to prove your Work Experience

Other forms and documents depends on your Nationality and location from where you are applying from.

Conclusion: AIP Atlantic immigration program is a great pathway to Canada. With minimum requirements it allows successful applicants to reach their goal of Canadian Permanent Residence and Citizenship.

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