CANADA: This New Immigration Pathway Costs $0 for Everyone – Immigrate to Canada with Family

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If you are facing financial problems and/or a Refugee (Refugees are the persons who leave their countries due to fear of persecution) and can not afford the expenses for Canada Immigration like application fee, traveling expenses, settlement funds etc., then this New Pilot program of Canada Immigration may be right for you.

It is true. Under this new immigration pathway, you do not need to pay any kind of application fee, no settlement funds needed from you or your family, infect you will get some money as a startup fund once you arrive in Canada. There is so much more offered in this New Pilot Program, keep reading this article.

Introduction: What is the Canada’s New Immigration Pathway?

Canada Immigration has always been considered one of the most welcoming in nature for the potential immigrants. Before, the country focused on attracting skilled immigrants who could contribute to the economy. But now, Canada has introduced a new immigration pathway for Economic Immigrants and Refugees.

This new pathway is called Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP). EMPP comes with a lot of advantages specially for those who can not financially afford the Immigration Process.

Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot Program is in its Phase-2, which was started few months ago on 3rd December, 2021. This Pilot Program will facilitate up to 500 Applicants and their families to settle in Canada.

What are the Advantages of the New Immigration Pathway EMPP?

This New immigration Pathway of Canada comes with a lot of benefits for Immigrants willing to migrate to Canada. As we mentioned earlier, it is totally Free. Below are the details for the same.

By Applying via this New Immigration Pathway, Canadian Immigration helps the applicants with the following

  • Application fee is waived
  • Biometric fee is waived
  • Pre-Departure Medical
  • Canadian Immigration will cover the cost of any medical services and medical exams for the applicant and their families through the Interim Federal Health Program
  • Loan from Canadian Immigration
    • Canadian Immigration offers loans for the eligible applicants to cover the cost of their Air Tickets or other Travel Costs, Other expenses after you arrive in Canada and loan for the Right of Permanent Residence Fee.
  • Loans to prove Settlement Funds
    • The applicants, who do not have enough money to fulfil the requirement of Proof of Settlement Funds, they can easily apply for a loan. This loan is Not offered directly by Canadian Immigration, but this service is provided by Windmill Microlending. There are certain requirements to apply this loan.

**Note: You can not use “Loan from Canadian immigration” to fulfil Proof of settlement funds. For the settlement funds requirement, you must apply separate loan through Windmill Microlending.

  • Process Time: For most of the applicants the review of the application and process takes less than 6 months.
  • No Need to prove your Work Experience
    • It is conditional (details are in the eligibility section)
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Who is Eligible for Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)?

Applicants for EMPP (Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot) must meet two different types of requirements to be eligible to apply.

Eligibility for EMPP

  • Applicant must be a Conventional Refugee or a Country of Asylum refugee.
    • Conventional Refugees are those who are outside of their home countries or living their countries but have genuine fear of persecution and Country of Asylum Refugees are those who are outside of their home countries or living in the countries where they face war or human rights violations.
  • Applicant must have any one of the following documents
    • RSD – Refugee Status Determination from UNHCR or from a Refugee Hosting country
    • Any document that shows you are a registered Refugee anywhere
  • Applicant must be Outside of Canada and also the country from where he/she fears persecution
  • No genuine settlement in any other country
  • Admissibility to Canada

Eligibility for Economic Immigration Program

The applicant for EMPP must be eligible for any of the below mentions economic Immigrations pathways of Canadian immigration.

  • RNIP – Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  • Any provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • AIP – Atlantic Immigration Program

Work Experience Requirement:

If any applicant applies through EMPP and is eligible under Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program RNIP or Atlantic Immigration Program AIP, they DO NOT need to prove the Work Experience. They just need to show that they have work same number of time in general.

Requirements to get loan from Windmill Microlending:

Windmill Microlending is a company which offers low interest loans for those EMPP candidates who do not have enough money to show proof of Settlement funds. as an EMPP candidate, you can apply for the loan if

  • You have a job offer
  • You do not have money to meet the immigration’s financial requirements.

How to Apply for this New Immigration Pathway EMPP

For the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) you need fill two separate applications.

One application is for EMPP
The second applications for any one of the Economic Immigration Program.

  • RNIPRural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  • Any provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • AIP Atlantic Immigration Program

Applicant need to follow the instructions given on the EMPP application.

Conclusion: EMPP the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot is very useful for many people around the world in different countries. Moving to Canada as a refugee and without money was never this much easy. Canada’s this new immigration pathway is going to help many people.

Get Started on Your Application Today!

Visit the IRCC Official Website for all the further instructions of Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot EMPP and to Apply under this program.

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