UPDATED: 487 Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters in British Columbia, Canada – How They Can Help You Find the Perfect Job


What do licensed foreign worker recruiters do?

Licensed foreign worker recruiters are professionals who specialize in helping companies in British Columbia find and hire foreign workers. They work to connect skilled workers from other countries with job opportunities in the province. This can be a great opportunity for both the worker and the employer, as it allows companies to fill specific skill gaps and for workers to gain new experiences and broaden their professional horizons.

These recruiters are licensed by the British Columbia government and they follow strict regulations and guidelines to ensure that the rights and interests of both the workers and the companies are protected.

These recruiters can help foreign workers to apply for work permit and complete other legal requirements. They also provide guidance and support to job seekers in terms of housing, transportation, and other challenges faced by a newcomers in moving to British Columbia.

Why choose a licensed foreign worker recruiter?

Choosing a licensed foreign worker recruiter has many benefits. They have access to a wide range of job opportunities and can help job seekers getting to the right employer. They also have a deep understanding of the Canadian labour market and can provide valuable advice and guidance to job seekers on how to go through it.

Additionally, licensed foreign worker have a reputation to uphold and therefore will work to ensure that the hiring process is fair and transparent for both the worker and the employer.


Right to Check the license of a foreign worker recruiter

A foreign worker recruiter must be licensed and approved by the relevant authorities of the provincial government. The recruiter is held accountable for their actions. Therefore, it is important to verify the license of a foreign worker recruiter before engaging with them. You can ask for their license number, check it with the government agency that issued it or you can check online to make sure it’s valid.

By checking the license of a foreign worker recruiter, you can rest assured that you are working with a professional who is dedicated to helping you find a job and that your rights and best interests are protected.

For your reference, below is an image of Sample of Foreign Worker Recruiter’s License.

A sample of the License (only for reference)

How to find a licensed foreign worker recruiter in British Columbia, Canada?

Finding a licensed foreign worker recruiter in British Columbia is easy. The Government of British Columbia has published a list of 487 Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters (UPDATED ON 02 January 2024). All these are authorized to hire FOREIGN WORKERS for the British Columbia Employers.

License Holder NameBusiness NameLicense Expiry Date
Jograj Pal Singh Jagpal1056743 B.C. LTD.17th Feb 2025
Natie Sotana1062623 B.C. LTD.23rd Sep 2023
Mamta RandevAA1 Proskills and HR Solutions Ltd.24th Mar 2024
Showing 3 of 487

Below, You can visit the official website of British Columbia Provincial Government to view the most updated list of Foreign Worker Recruiters.


Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have had experience working with foreign worker recruiters.

Conclusion: If you are a foreign worker (an international candidate) looking for a job in British Columbia, Canada, licensed foreign worker recruiters can be a great resource. They can help you in finding a job, relocating, and obtaining the necessary permits and all legal requirements. Different Recruiters workds in different job industries. It is your duty to verify the Recruiter and choose the right one for you who can get you a dream job in Canada.

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