SCHENGEN VISA – How to find Jobs in Estonia as a Foreigner – Immigrate to Estonia in 2022-23

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The country that I want to introduce to you guys is Estonia. It’s a beautiful northern European country. It borders Latvia in the South and Finland in the North.

It only has 1.3 million people in its total population but you know what’s surprising is, it ranks very high in all the international rankings for Quality of Life, Education, Media Freedom Etc.

Estonia is topping the charts for any kind of human development just as Western Europe or North America. As we all know, Finland, Denmark, Sweden they all tend to do so well on the HDI index but Estonia was surprisingly super high on the HDI index as well.

So now, that I’ve introduced Estonia a little bit, I’m sure you’re wondering why Estonia needs foreigners?
First of all this is a very small country it does not have a lot of people like I mentioned the population itself is just 1.3 million. Estonia is also competing with the countries like Germany or France. It wants to grow in The Innovation that is IT and the Green Tech sector. That’s actually difficult to do for a country like this because like I mentioned, it is restricted by its population and also it’s not able to get a lot of talent in because there isn’t a lot of media floating around them.

Another reason for demand of foreign workers is the record labor shortages in Estonia. Estonia even though it’s a small country is going through some record labor shortages where the job vacancies that have been posted in 2022 are already 38% higher than Job posted back in 2021, more than 13,000 jobs are already vacant.

Now 13,000 might not be a huge number when you compare it to a populated country like France or Germany but for a country like Estonia, 13,000 can make a lot of difference and the last reason for increasing demand of foreign workers is because of aging population.

Aging population is the problem of the western world and Estonia is a part of the West as well. Lesser people coming into the workforce and more people retiring so everybody who retires needs a lot of government supports like they need fully covered Health Care, they need pension, they need their retirement benefits and so on.

A lot of country’s budget goes into protecting seniors and veterans and if lesser people entering the workforce that means that overall tax revenue for the government shrinks. Expenses of the government are just going up because they have a lot of people who are now exiting the workforce and need a lot of government support to keep themselves up to the country’s living standards.

I guess, now that you understand why Estonia needs foreigners.

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How to find a Jobs in Estonia as a Foreign Worker

There are a lot of dedicated websites which targets English jobs. They mostly target foreigners. Job Portals in Estonia offers many jobs for foreigners, who can speak only English. And the good thing is, as a foreigner, you really do not need to provide your Language ability test results like IELTS etc.

jobs in estonia
Living in Estonia

Employers in Estonia can hire foreigners, who apply for jobs online. Here i would like to mention that, as an international candidate, you must be very careful while seeking employment abroad. Genuine employers never ask for money and no genuine employer will hire you without a proper interview, so if you get a job offer letter without an interview or if the employer or company is asking for any money, it is alarming.

Top Websites for Jobs in Estonia

Recruitment Events in Estonia

You can search the recruitment events that are happening in the coming weeks or coming months. Most of the recruitment events are free to join. Simply search for the event, register yourself for that particular recruitment event and be available on the day scheduled.

A special JOBS Event for Foreigners looking to enter the Estonian job market

If somebody is not confident about the resume, if somebody is not confident about interview skills or if somebody just wants to understand how interviewing in a country like Estonia or Europe would work, this event is something they need to participate. All these services are free, provided by the Estonian government so why not take a shot.

This event will be organized by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, covering the topics like finding jobs in Estonia, making CVs and cover letters in a way that Estonian employers would like to see them, as well as tips for job interviews.

Event Name: How to find Jobs in Estonia
The date of the event is 15th November, 2022. Don’t worry about the language, It is totally in English. The registration are not open yet, but very soon the organizer will begin the Free Registration to participate in this event.

Conclusion: Living and working in Europe is in your hands now. There are a lot of career opportunities / jobs in Estonia. As a foreign Worker (from where ever you are), it is a good time to enter the Estonian Job Market, if you have skills and want to do something on a broad scale. We thank all our readers for their time and wish best of luck.

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