AAIP Canada: Alberta PNP 2022 New Streams to get Permanent Residence

Alberta is an Industrial Province of Canada, with many immigration pathways under its Provincial Nominee program Alberta PNP.

Province of Alberta has announced the New Alberta Advantage Immigration Program or the AAIP, which is formerly known as the AINP or the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

In addition to two new streams, Alberta PNP is undergoing a lot of new changes as well. There are now seven streams offered by Alberta PNP in total through which one can apply for their permanent residence in Canada.

If you are nominated by the AAIP, you can apply for permanent residence together with your spouse or common law partner and dependent children. So all of you can get your PR and fly to Canada together.

These seven streams are divided into Three streams for skilled workers and Four streams for entrepreneurs. In order to get nominated skilled workers must be able to fill job shortages in Alberta and entrepreneurs must be willing to buy an existing business in Alberta or start their own business in Alberta.

For those who have already submitted AINP applications before programs eligibility criteria did not change. Candidates who submitted the applications using AINP’s online portal through its My Alberta Digital ID System must request a nomination extension in the portal. All other post decision processes remain unchanged.

This article is about

  • Two new Alberta PNP Streams that have been introduced
  • New set of changes to the Alberta PNP
  • How you can get your PR for your whole family through these new streams

Two New Streams Introduced by Alberta PNP

  1. Rural Renewal Stream
  2. Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Both of these streams have basically been introduced for those communities and rural regions in Alberta that have ample job opportunities but a population density of less than 100,000 people. These regions are outside the metropolitan areas of Calgary and Edmonton.

Language requirements are still low at Canadian Language Benchmark CLB4 and the education level required is also low at just a high school education.

Rural Renewal Stream:

The Rural Renewal Stream is for those individuals who are able to secure a job offer from an employer in these rural communities or regions in Alberta. Your Alberta employer must be operating a business that has an established production capability. A production plant or a place of business in Alberta. Part-time, casual or seasonal employees regardless of their working hours will not be eligible.


There are a lot of registrations going on right now with regards to this Rural Renewal Stream. You can apply on your own using the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Portal by creating a My Alberta Digital ID quite similar to the previous AINP applications.

Once your application is approved, you and your dependent family members like your spouse and children can get Canadian PR together, and whole family can immigrate to Canada.

Rural Entrepreneur Stream:

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream is for people willing to invest in these particular communities in Alberta by buying an existing business there or even starting their own business there.

They would be able to take advantage of this stream and can submit their Expression of Interest EOI Online. Candidates interested in a specific Rural Alberta community should connect with a community’s contact person to discuss their business proposal and schedule an exploratory visit.

Prior to coming to Alberta for the Exploratory Visit, you should research current market opportunities in the community. Licensing and Registration requirements and the steps involved in establishing a business in Alberta.

The exploratory visit will provide you with the opportunity to meet with local business contacts, economic development officers from the community as well and any other prospective contacts to learn and understand the local business environment.

The requirements to build a successful business in the community, you need to keep records of your exploratory trip including any contacts and meeting details as this information will be needed for your exploratory visit report. The exploratory visit report must include the following information

  • The name of the professional business service providers or settlement organizations you visited during your trip including mailing addresses telephone numbers and emails.
  • A description of the activity or meeting and how it relates to your business establishment or settlement copies of business cards you collected from relevant people and business service providers contacted during your visit.
  • Details of visits to existing business locations and meetings with current owners (if you are planning to purchase an existing business you should include the business name location and current owners names and contact details here too).

Once approved, you’ll receive your nomination package by email. You and your dependent family members like your spouse and children can get Permanent Residence together and fly together to Canada.

Changes to Existing Alberta PNP Streams:

Apart from these particular New Streams, there have also been a few other changes to the existing Alberta PNP Streams.

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Program has now been renamed as the Graduate Entrepreneur Stream. The Foreign Graduate Startup Visa has now been renamed as the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur’s Stream and the Self-Employed Farmer Stream has now been renamed as the Farm Stream. There have not been any changes to the application process or the eligibility criteria. It’s just the names that have been changed.

Earlier this year, Alberta Immigration launched the Accelerated Tech Pathway. Which is a stream of the Alberta PNP for express entry candidates who are currently working for an Alberta employer or hold an Alberta Job Offer in one of in-demand tech occupations.


These are the targeted Tech Occupations for the Accelerated Tech Pathway. If you have a job offer from Alberta from any of these Tech Occupations or if you’re currently working in Alberta in any of these Tech Occupations, you just have to fill out the Accelerated Tech Pathway form and you’ll be notified by email if you’re selected along with details on making a complete application.

For any of these streams even though you get your Permanent Residence status, do note that you’ll have to live and work in Alberta for at least two to three years. This obviously makes sense since the Province inviting you, need you to contribute to their economy and social diversity.

As Alberta PNP is producing the Nomination Certificate for Candidate to enter into Canada, so Alberta would expect you to stay there. There are very few specific conditions under which you’ll be allowed to move to another province.

Like many other provinces, Alberta PNP is taking steps to attract foreign workers.

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