Canada’s AGRI FOOD Pilot Program – Shortcut to Permanent Residence for Foreign Workers in 2022

As the name suggests “Agri Food Pilot Program“, It is Pilot program to fulfil the labour shortages in Canada’s Agri-Food Industry. This Pilot program will continue till May 2023. Agri-Food Pilot Program is a great relief for Temporary Foreign Workers.

This pilot program is a pathway to Canadian PR for those having valid Work Experience under specific NOC Codes and occupations, It includes occupation from Skill Level B, C and Skill Level D. (Skilled Workers, Semi-skilled Workers and Unskilled Workers)

Agri-Food Pilot Program is a pathway to Canada PR offered by Canadian Federal Immigration. The qualified candidates will get Canadian Permanent Residence. No stress of Provincial Nominee Program’s requirements, No Provincial Nominations and with easy eligibility criteria.

Occupations Eligible Under Agri Food Pilot Program

There are specific job sectors and occupations, which are eligible to apply under this Program. Not only the NOC Code is important, but the Occupation Industry code is also important for this Pilot, as you need it later in the documentation.

Eligible Job Industries:

Job sectors or Industries are classified by the {NAICS} North American Industry Classification System. The industry details and definitions can be seen at NAICS website.

  • NAICS 1114 – Greenhouse / Nursery. Floriculture and Mushroom production.
  • NAICS 1123 – Egg and Poultry production
  • NAICS 1124 – Goat and Sheep Farming
  • NAICS 1121 – Animal production, excluding Aquaculture
  • NAICS 3116 – Meat product manufacturing
  • NAICS 1129 – Other animal production
  • NAICS 1122

Eligible Job Occupations:

The eligible job occupations / NOC Codes for each NAICS Job Sector are given below:

For Greenhouse / Nursery. Floriculture and Mushroom production (NAICS 1114)
Eligible NOC Codes are

  • NOC 8252 – Skill Level B – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC 8431 – Skill Level C – General farm workers
  • NOC 8611 – Skill Level D – Harvesting labourers

For Meat Product Manufacturing (NAICS 3116)
Eligible NOC Codes are

  • NOC 6331 – Skill Level B – Retail butchers
  • NOC 9462 – Skill Level C – Industrial butchers
  • NOC 8252 – Skill Level B – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC 9617 – Skill Level D – Food processing labourers

For All other Animal Production (Aquaculture not included) (NAICS 1122, 1121, 1129, 1124, 1123)
Eligible NOC Codes are

  • NOC 8252 – Skill Level B – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC 8431 – Skill Level C – General farm workers

Eligibility Criteria for Agri Food Pilot Program

The eligibility requirements for this pilot program are set to minimum.

Work Experience:
Candidates can qualify for this Agri-Food Pilot Program if they have Canadian work experience of at least 1 year (non-seasonal), under one of the above mentions NOC Codes. People who worked in Canada under Temporary Foreign Workers Program are eligible for Agri-Food pilot.

Minimum language requirement is CLB Canadian Language Benchmark 4 in English or French.

Minimum High School Level education is required. If the education is from Outside Canada, then ECA report must be produced.

Job Offer:
A genuine Job Offer is required for one of the above mentioned NOC Codes. The job offered must be Permanent, Full Time and Outside the Province of Quebec. The Job Industry Code NAICS must be mentioned in the Job offer.

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Limitations for Agri Food Pilot Program

There are yearly limits for the number of Permanent Residence Applications under Agri-Food Pilot for each NOC Code.

NOC Code 8431 (Skill Level C) – Applications accepted per year are 200
NOC Code 8611 (Skill Level D) – Applications accepted per year are 300
NOC Code 9462 (Skill Level C) or NOC Code 6331 (Skill Level B) – Applications accepted per year are 1470
NOC Code 9617 (Skill Level D) – Applications accepted per year are 730
NOC Code 8252 (Skill Level B) – Applications accepted per year are 50

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada or the Candidates for under Temporary Foreign Workers program outside Canada remain curious about their Permanent Settlement in Canada. Now the Canadian Immigration solved their problem by introducing this Agri-Food Pilot Program.

The Temporary foreign Workers after gaining the Canadian Work Experience can Apply for Canada PR through this pathway.

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  8. I am a Nepal citizen and I want to go to Canada with a work permit.agri Food pilot I’m in dubai uae I’m 17 years experience in company

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