Agriculture Jobs In Canada 2022

Are you looking for Agriculture Jobs in Canada? But not sure, how to start and look for real jobs in agriculture industry.

Farming Industry in Canada is one of the busiest and lucrative. If we look on number of job vacancies in Canada each year, maximum number of jobs are within the agriculture sector. There are many other factors to consider.

Farming in the South Asian countries is totally different than in Canada. Whether it is live-stock farming, agriculture, crops and fields. And when we say Agriculture Farming, it is not only driving Tractors in the fields.

Agriculture Jobs in Canada and Foreign Workers

Thousands of Agriculture jobs available in Canada all the year long. There is an all time requirement of workers in Agriculture industry in Canada. Decreasing manpower, significant increase in retirements and very low number of young farmers stepping in the Agriculture sector forced the Canadian Immigration to bring in hardworking people from around the world to overcome the labour shortage in the industry.

Where to look for agriculture jobs

There are different Job Portals to search for available jobs in Canada.

and few more but JobBank is a main authentic source of Jobs in Canada.

Job Vacancies

Here we are sharing some examples of job vacancies for your reference, posted recently on JobBank Canada.

  1. Farm Machine Operator
  2. General Farm Worker
  3. Dairy Farm Worker
  4. Worker Farm
  5. Farm Worker
  6. Farm Worker
  7. Chicken Catcher

Immigrate to Canada as an Agriculture Worker

Canadian immigration came up with many options for foreign workers trying to relocate to Canada, either for Permanent Settlement or just for Work. For those want to Immigrate to Canada in Agriculture sector Jobs, they can go for Provincial Nominee programs. As different Province of Canada offers pathways for such foreigners. And Canadian Federal Immigration offers a pathway Temporary Foreign Workers program (TWFP).

Unskilled Jobs in Agriculture Industry:

For Farming Job Seekers, there are two famous NOC Codes, two occupations can be considered unskilled in the agriculture industry.

  • Harvesting Labourer / NOC Code 8611 (Skill Level D)
  • General Farm Worker / NOC Code – 8431 (Skill Level C)

Skill Level D occupations usually do not require specific skills and education. Work experience could be the requirement from the employer, but not always. Same is the case with some occupations in Skill Level C, and General Farm Worker NOC Code 8431 is one of them.

Reasons Why to Work in Agriculture Industry in Canada?

Highest number of job vacancies available all the year long in this industry. There are many benefits of working as an Agriculture Worker

Wages / Salaries in Agriculture Jobs

Occupations in Agriculture Industry offers better salaries as compare to other job occupations especially in Skill level C and Skill Level D.

Perks offered by Employers

Working in Agriculture Jobs in Canada means a lot of free stuff. Usually Farming Employers in Canada offer their workers the free transportation, accommodation and food.

Last benefit but not least is, you are going to live a life close to Nature.

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