Travel To Canada: Bold Nightlife – Top 10 Bars and Nightclubs in Toronto

Canada is a beautiful country with lots of great things to see and do. The best way to explore the country is by visiting one of the many cities, towns and villages. Visiting Toronto, Montreal and the City of Quebec is worth spending quality time. Before your travel to Canada exploring this article will be a tourist guide for you.

First Travel to Canada

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and home to many attractions including the CN Tower, Casa Loma and Canada’s Wonderland amusement park. Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, as it features some of the world’s most impressive waterfalls. Niagara Falls attracts over 12 million visitors every year.

Niagara Falls also features casinos that offer gaming, dining and entertainment options for tourists who want to take a break from sightseeing.

Nightlife in Canada

Canada is a country with various nightlife options. From the most populated cities to the smaller towns, there are many places to visit and enjoy.

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There are many clubs and bars in Canada that offer a variety of music, drinks, and events. Some of these clubs have been around for years while others are just starting out. The Toronto has seen an influx of new bars in recent years as people continue to migrate from other parts of the city. Montreal is also home to many bars that attract locals and tourists.

Quebec offers a unique experience with the French influence on their culture and nightlife scene. There are plenty of pubs, nightclubs, dance halls, live music venues, etc., all catering to different crowds based on age or preference.

The weather is not always perfect in Canada but the Nightlife in Canada is thrilling all the year. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can have a good time with friends, or even meet someone new.

In Canada, there are two types of bars – the ones with live music and the ones without. If you want to experience the nightlife in Canada, then you should visit these 10 bars and nightclubs which are considered to be the best in Toronto.

Top 10 Bars and Nightclubs in Toronto, Canada

Sneaky Dee’s Toronto

1. Sneaky Dee’s
A must visit place in Toronto Downtown. If you want to get drunk or just want to have the real picture of “How Canadians Party”, then Sneaky Dee’s is the place for you. This place was started in 1987, and became a land mark in Downtown Toronto on the intersection of Bathurst St. and College St.

Another attraction for the people to party at Sneaky Dee’s is the Price. It is really not expensive as compare to many other bars in downtown Toronto.

2. Good Fortune Bar
It is one of the Retro Look Bar. The interiors are designed like the Florida Bars in 1980s. You can feel the retro theme in their menu as well. Sandwiches to Drinks, everything is on its best. Uptown Toronto community enjoys this place for light relaxing night outs.

top 10 bars and night clubs in toronto

3. C’est What
This place is designed purely according to the Canada’s Weather. Stunning fireplaces all over in the basement to make it cozy when its chilling outside. This Place offers locally crafted tap beer, verity of cocktails and Ontario wines.
Weekend nights are little too busy for this place because of Pool tables and Live music.

4. Shameful Tiki Room Toronto
This place always give a “closed” look, but the crowd in and outside shows that the place is “open”. Dark sheets cover all the windows and dark velvet curtains cover the entrance.
Shameful Tiki is one of its king in the city.

5. Mahjong Bar
Canadians love this place for the DJ here. Mahjong is one of those place where you can not get to enter if you want to party late, because this place gets full very fast. Their Eastern and Western style cocktails and fried chicken are famous.

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the drake hotel toronto

6. The Drake Hotel
Of course it is not owned by the singer Drake, but one of the busiest and must hangout place in Toronto. this place is famous for its interiors, dance parties, and the rooftop bar. There is one more attraction at The Drake Hotel is its poetry nights.

CODA is a nightclub, and if you want to visit this place, you need to be there before 11:00PM on weekend nights. This is a Jam Packed place for party lovers. Especially those people who do not want to end the party by 2AM, CODA offers all night long parties. This night club has so much to offer.

8. Get Well
If you like to have a Yummy Pizza while partying late at night having drinks, then Get Well is the place. North of Brooklyn Pizzeria is within the bar. Other than pizza, this place offers verity of tap beers, and the bottled ones which are not available anywhere else in the city.

9. The Piston
This Nightclub is much spacious than many other nightclubs in the city. a lot of space to have fun, and when you need to relax, there is a simple bar close to entrance, which makes you feel relax and comfortable at this fast paced place.

10. Bambi’s
At Bambi’s, you will find Mr. Flamingo Bar upstairs. It is located and Dovercourt and Dundas intersection. You should arrive early to get any spot in the bar, because this place is famous for its DJ, music. That’s the nightlife.

There are many more places for the nightlife lovers. A bar named Bar Raval is one of the best Spanish / Canadian bar in Toronto. It is overcrowded sometimes. The patio is shoulder to shoulder on weekend nights, people enjoy light music along with awesome cocktails and preserved food. And if someone wants to enjoy Italian atmosphere, then Birreria Volo is the place to be. This bar is a small place with authentic Italian Look. Beers offered in wine glasses to enjoy the deep sips.

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