Canada Immigration New Targets for 2022-2024, New Level Plan

Canada Immigration is set to a new start with new increased targets. It clearly means more immigrants in Canada in the coming years.

According to the Immigration Law of Canada, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act IRPA, the working government of Canada must announce the updated Immigration Plan every year for the upcoming year in front of the sitting Parliament on 1st November. But last year these immigration plans was not announced due to the Elections in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser told in a statement on February 14th, 2022 that the last year 2021 was one of the best for new immigrants settlement in Canada. For the country’s economic and population growth, government has decided to increase the targets to Welcome and Land New Immigrants in Canada in the coming years.

The initial plan for the year of 2022 was to land 411,000 new immigrants. These numbers are now increased to 431,645. Same increased number can be seen in the coming years

  • In the Year 2022 – Target for New Immigrants is 431,645
  • In the Year 2023 – Target for New Immigrants is 447,055
  • In the Year 2024 – Target for New Immigrants is 451,000
Immigration Pathways 202220232024
Family Class Streams105,000109,500113,000
Economic Pathways241,850253,000267,750

Canada is expecting more Skilled Workers and Professionals from around the world to play their role in Economic Growth of the country. Other than Skilled Workers, Family reunification is also a priority for Canadian Immigration System.

Family Class Streams:

Under the Family Class, 24 per sent of the total immigrants are expected in the year 2022. Which will be

  • 80,000 – Spouses and Childrens
  • 25,000 – Parents and Grand Parents

These new targets are little higher than the immigrants arrived under family class in 2021.

Economic Pathways for Immigrants:

These pathways include Temporary Status to Permanent Residence Status Streams (TR to PR), Provincial Nominee Programs and Express Entry Stream. Around 56 per cent new immigrants are expected to land in Canada under these pathways in the year 2022.

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Provincial Nominee Programs:

The provincial nominee programs are the most common pathways used by immigrants to land in Canada as a Permanent Resident. Canadian Immigration is also focusing the most on Provincial Nominee Programs in 2022. Canada is expecting nearly 84,000 New Immigrants to arrive in Canada through Provincial Nominee Programs in this year of 2022.

TR to PR:

Canadian Immigration is targeting to land nearly 40,000 new immigrants under the streams for Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence.

Refugees and Humanitarian:

The rest of targeted numbers for immigrants, around 20 per cent will be welcomed under Refugee and Humanitarian Programs. These programs include the resettlement of Afghan Refugees also.

Immigrants in last few years:

If we take a look on the statistics, in 2016, Canadian Immigration announced its plan to land around 300,000 new immigrants every year. Later, this target was increased to 340,000. But due to Covid-19 (lockdown and travel restrictions), Canada managed to welcome less than 200,000 new immigrants in 2020.

Then we saw in the month of October 2020, Canadian immigration came up with a BIG Surprise and announced its target to land 400,000 new immigrants in 2021. This target was looking next to impossible, but Canadian Immigration has done it. Broken its all time records. Canada has landed 405,000 permanent residents.

Now the New Level Plan of Canadian Immigration is announced, the new targets are in place. Your Canadian Dream may come true, Immigration seekers have good chance to fit in any of the pathways to settle in Canada.

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