BREAKING: IRCC Announced Strict Rules for International Students in Canada and CANADA Study Visa Applicants in 2024

In a recent update, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced major changes for the study permit holders with in Canada and for the New applicants of Study Visa outside Canada. These new rules are going to effect all international students.

Cap for Study Permits / Study Visa in 2024

IRCC has announced a temporary cap on study permits. Issuing approximately 360,000 approvals in 2024, a 35% decrease from the previous year. Provinces and territories will also have individual caps based on population, addressing unsustainable growth issues. Notably, these changes won’t affect current permit holders or renewals, and exemptions apply to those pursuing masters and doctoral degrees.

Arrival of International Students in Canada in Recent Years

Canada has issued 800,000 study permits in 2022 and the expected numbers of study permits issued in 2023 are nearly 900,000. According to IRCC, this much growth in number of International students reaching Canada is effecting public services in different sectors including housing and healthcare.

Government of Canada is focused on the need to manage the designated learning institutions (DLIs). This can only be done by the mutual efforts of federal and provincial authorities. Only post-secondary institutions permitted to admit international students.

Challenges for Canada

Immigration Minister Marc Miller said in a statement that the whole system dealing with International students in Canada is “out of control”. Such increased numbers of International students arriving in Canada is jeopardizing the quality of education. He also mentioned that it is the time to take strict measures in order to take control over the system.

New Rules for International Students in Canada and For New Study Visa Canada

Strict policy measures has been taken by Canadian Immigration in order to control the inflow of international students.

Attestation Letter Requirement

Effective January 22, 2024, all new applications for study permit / study visa Canada must include an attestation letter from a province. All Canadian provinces must take action till March 31st, 2024 for issuance of attestation letters to international students willing to apply for study visa Canada.

New Rule for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

All international students in Canada studying in such institutions which offer programs under the “curriculum licensing arrangements” are not eligible for Post Graduate Work Permits. This new policy will be in effect from September 2024.

However, graduates from masters degree programs and short graduate level programs can apply for a 3-year work permit, providing extended Canadian work experience opportunities.

No More Open Work Permits For Spouses of International Students in Canada

Until today, Spouses of International students in Canada enjoy the benefits of Open Work Permit. But new strict rules are in effect. Now onwards, IRCC will not issue Open Work Permits for spouses of International students in any study levels except Masters and Doctoral Programs.

Cost of Living Requirement Increase

IRCC has doubled the cost of living requirement for international students. All new applicants of Study Permit / Study Visa Canada must pay CAD $20,635. Before it was only CAD $10,000.


These significant changes are directly effecting International Students in Canada as well as New Canada Study Visa Applicants. As IRCC mentioned the challenges and new policy measures taken, it is important for all prospective students and stakeholders to stay informed and take necessary actions.

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