Mushroom Picker Jobs in Canada With Work Visa Sponsorship in 2023 – Earn Up To $40,000/year

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Canada is the place for all types of workers. If you have skills or looking for any unskilled job abroad, Canada is a country with a lot of opportunities in all job sectors.

Agriculture sector jobs in Canada are very much famous among the international job seekers because of low requirements. In Agriculture sector, Mushroom picker jobs could be a great option. For details this article will help u a lot.

In this article, You will get to know everything for mushroom picker jobs in Canada such as, How much you can earn as a Mushroom Picker in Canada, the requirements, how to find jobs and which Immigration Program is the best to apply as a Mushroom Picker.

Mushroom Picking job offers immigrants immediate hiring as well as visa sponsorship. Not only that, on most farms your employer provides you food, accommodation and medical insurance. The best part of moving to Canada as a Mushroom Picker is that your employer will cover all the relocation costs.

Mushroom Picker Jobs In Canada

It ranks as one of the most well known and in-demand unskilled occupations in Canada. Mushroom Picking can be a physically hard job. However, if you like hands on work, this is an excellent opportunity.

The occupation of “Mushroom Picker” falls under the category of “Harvesting Laborers” – the (National Occupational Classification) NOC Code for Harvesting laborer or Mushroom Picker is 85101 (TEER 5).

On an average, the salary for Mushroom Picker in Canada ranges between CAD$15 per hour to CAD$18 per hour. Working overtime is paid separately.

Requirement for Mushroom Picking Jobs in Canada

Since the work is not very competent, working as a mushroom picker in Canada requires an average set of abilities. Although you may be required to work long hours, there are a few other requirements to fulfil.

  • Candidate must be good in both physical and mental state. Mushroom Picking demands working long hours, performing physically demanding duties such as climbing ladders, lifting large buckets, and picking mushrooms repeatedly.
  • No previous work experience is required for this position, however, a general understanding of agricultural work will be beneficial.
  • An average fluency in English is required.
  • No specific education (degree) is required.
  • The candidate should not be having any skill related issues and allergies to the agricultural chemicals.

Ways to Immigrate to Canada as a Mashroom Picker

Canadian Immigration (IRCC) offers many pathways for unskilled workers to move to Canada. For jobs in agriculture sector, the best immigration program which is open for all nationalities to apply for Mushroom Picker Job is

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) offers Canadian Work permit for foreigners for a specific period of time. You can apply under TFWP for different kinds of jobs. For Mushroom Picker Jobs in Canada, TFWP allows you to apply under it’s sub-category Agricultural Stream. Under this Agricultural Stream, you can get Canadian Work Permit for up to 2 years to work for a specific employer as a Mushroom Picker.

Eligible occupations for Agricultural Stream

NOC CodeOccupation
85100Livestock labourers
85101 Harvesting labourers
80020 Managers in agriculture
80021 Managers in horticulture
85103 Nursery and greenhouse labourer
82030 Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors
84120 Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators
82031 Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services
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How to Find Mushroom Picker Jobs in Canada

Finding Harvesting job in Canada as a foreigner is certainly possible, but it will require some effort on your part. Many farms require foreign employees to assist with crop harvesting, so opportunities are plentiful if you know where to look.


How To Get Work Visa Sponsorship for Mushroom Picker Job

Many companies in Canada offers Work Visa Sponsorship for the qualified foreign workers. The easiest way to get your work visa sponsored by the employer is to find a Canadian Employer who offers you a job with LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). LMIA is a kind of approval to hire a Foreign Worker.

Best Job Portals in Canada

Some of the best companies working in agriculture industry in Canada can be found at these job portals.

Job bank
Indeed Canada
Sask Jobs

Check these sites frequently for fresh listings, especially in the spring and summer. Look for phrases like “farm worker“, “fruit picker“, “Mushroom Picker“, “Harvesting Labourer” . etc

Apply for only those job vacancies, which are open for internationals candidates. Apply with a Canadian Standard Resume along with a cover letter to get your job application considered for interview.

canadian resume

Duties of a Mushroom Picker

  • Rotten, overripe and damaged mushrooms were separated, sorted, and discarded.
  • Observe and harvest mushrooms based on size and ripeness.
  • Pack mushrooms and placed them on pallets for loading on delivery vehicles.
  • Apply correct chemicals to prevent growth of pests and weeds.
  • Clean and sanitize job site, work tools, and storage racks.


So there you have it, all you need to know to get a mushroom picker job in Canada. Harvesting occupations are always short on labourers in Canada. As a foreign worker, you can easily find a job in agriculture sector though these job portals mentioned above. Apply under the TFWP’s Agricultural Stream for quick immigration process to get your Canadian Work Permit.


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