Get Canada PR Without Job Offer and Express Entry for 225 Occupations

Canadian Province Saskatchewan offers International Skilled Workers a chance to Apply for Canada PR Without Job Offer Letter and Without an Express Entry Profile through the Expression of Interest EOI system.

Successful submission of expression of interest EOI doesn’t mean your application is accepted. But your EOI application enters a pool of candidates. And successful applicants with high scores are contacted by Saskatchewan provincial nominee program with an ITA (invitation to apply).

Once the ITA is received, you can apply for Provincial Nomination Certificate.

How to Apply for Canada PR without Job Offer Through SINP EOI System

In this article, we made it easy for our visitors to understand the application process through the screenshots of the initial step for SINP – EOI (Expression of Interest).

Step 1: Create an Account

Canada PR without job offer

First step is to create an SINP-EOI account. Click Here to go to the official website of Saskatchewan Immigration or click the link below.

Create Your SINP – EOI Profile (on the Saskatchewan PNP website)

Step 2: Accept Personal Disclosure

saskatchewan expression of interest

Once your account is open, a personal disclosure statement will appear, you need to agree that statement in order to proceed.

Before the start of EOI application, you will se the below window.

Step 3: Which SINP Stream suits your Profile

canada pr without job offer and express entry

Click on “Go to Eligibility to Apply”, Now the next screen ask some questions to determine the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program Stream / pathway under which the candidate is eligible to apply.

Step 4: Saskatchewan Graduate Temporary Measure

Saskatchewan graduate temporary measure

Answer “NO” to this question, as we are looking for application without Job Offer and without Express Entry.

Step 5: Job Offer (yes/no)

without job offer

As we discussed earlier, there is no need of a Job offer letter to apply. So, the answer is “No” to this job offer question.

Step 6: Express Entry (yes/no)

without express entry

If you are having an Express Entry profile number, You must answer “Yes”, otherwise “No” to this question.

Step 7: 225 NOC Codes / 225 Occupations (select one)

225 NOC codes

VIEW THE LIST OF 225 NOC Codes / Occupations

Now, you need to select your occupation, you have experience in. This is the list of 225 NOC codes / occupations, you can apply without job offer and express entry. This list updates regularly as per Saskatchewan labour shortage needs.

Step 8: Education Level

sinp eoi

Select your level of education. During the whole application process, Next question will appear only after answering the question on screen.


Step 9: Check Eligibility without Job Offer and Express Entry)

Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program

Click on Determine Category to see, which program EOI system suggests you. It must be International Skilled Workers – Occupation in Demand

Step 10: Results

SINP expression of interest

Click “Yes” to continue.

After completing this initial screening questions and Program Eligibility, You can start filling up your Expression of Interest EOI for SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

SINP is considered one of the best Provincial Nominee Programs to get Canada PR Without Job Offer and Express Entry.

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  1. My education is intermediate,
    15 years of professional experience in truck driving,
    Presently I’m working in Ghana Africa
    Can I apply for sinp

  2. Salim Ibrahim Abboud, nationalité syrienne, je travaille comme directeur exécutif pour tous les travaux de décoration. J’ai un certificat d’expérience depuis plus de 10 ans, et maintenant je suis déplacé au Liban, et la situation est devenue très mauvaise. Je suis handicapé. J’ai la jambe gauche coupée, je voudrais migrer au Canada ou en Hollande, merci beaucoup.

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