Work as a Kitchen Helper in Canada

If you want to live and work in Canada as a Food Counter Attendant, Kitchen Helper or Dishwasher, there are options available for you provided by Canadian Immigration.

Nowadays, there are plenty of jobs available in food industry. Working as a kitchen helper in Canada is one of them. You will get some very great and pleasant money.
This article will talk about the different types of occupations related to food sector in Canada that are useful for kitchen helpers and how you can apply for these jobs. We will also look at some employers who offer these jobs in Canada that is why we have included a few examples of current available job openings in Canada, below. That will help in finding out more information.

With all this said, the main thing that makes this job attractive is the work opportunities that it offers to its applicants, which also make them quite flexible as well. The salary of an applicant to this position ranges between CA$13 to CA$16 per hour.

Type Of Work
Kitchen helpers have to do a variety of work in their kitchens, ranging from preparing food to cleaning up after customers. They wash dishes, assist chefs put together meal ingredients, and perform other activities like cutting vegetables etc. There is so much to be expected from this job group. These jobs usually get you a lot more cash. That is why everyone should consider applying to any type of job if you are looking for better jobs.

Canada immigration offers many streams / programs to immigrate to Canada. Many of them are the permanent residence programs. But the two programs are for foreign workers who want to come to Canada on temporary work permit. As no Permanent residence is offered by these two work permit programs, their requirements are set to the minimum.

As a Kitchen Helper you guys can apply under these two programs easily.
Temporary Foreign Workers Program / International Mobility Program

There are many jobs available in Canada for this occupation, but here I will share 4 Jobs originally posted by the Employers on Job Bank Canada. You can go through the details given in these job openings to better understand the requirements.

Job 1 – Kitchen Helper

Job 2 – Kitchen Helper

Job 3 – Kitchen Helper

Job 4 – Kitchen Helper


Minimum educational requirement set for this Job Occupation is Secondary / High School Diploma or relevant Certificate.

Work Experience:
Minimum Work Experience required is of 1 year, Paid and full time work.

Job Offer:
A Job Offer is required from any Canadian Employer. Job offer must contain all the required information.
Have a valid job offer for a full-time job. Job offer letter is sometimes written on a company letterhead stamped and signed by the HR Manager of the company and the candidate. But it depends on the province from where you got the Job Offer. There are restrictions on issuing job offer on letterhead in few provinces. Immigration office provide a Job Offer form to be filled by Employer and signed. The same form is sent to the candidate and he/she will sign that as well.

Time for Interview.
I am going to give you some examples of the interview questions for the position of Kitchen Helper.

Question 1: What does one think is that the most grueling aspect of being a kitchen helper?
Understanding and knowledge of Food Industry and your specific Occupation.
Question 2: How does one make sure that proper norms of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained in the least times?
Food, health and safety rules and policies.
Question 3: What does one do with food particulars that have accidentally been overlooked of the fridge the whole day?
Food handling techniques.
Question 4: How do you insure that component medication and kitchen cleaning duties are completed on a busy day?
Time Management skills.
Question 5: How you manage a situation where the chef has been asking you to finish any work which is not a part of your job description?
Communication skills.

The current global pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for kitchen workers. Not only in Canada, but across the world. According to recent statistics, the number of unemployed Canadians aged 20 – 24 is 5%. Even though some workers are forced to accept odd hours due to labour shortage, they try to find a balance between their daily chores as well as their own responsibilities.

Employers often look for persons that are reliable, independent, friendly, trustworthy, respectful, strong, focused, and organized. Such people are generally good for any kind of job that calls for long hours or heavy workloads. Moreover, these are individuals who are committed to their line of work and willing to endure hard work and stress. Therefore, they are qualified to do the task that they put their hand up to, and are ready and willing to deliver the goods.

The common occupation that is similar to a kitchen helper is a delivery driver, especially if you have some knowledge in driving a vehicle. No matter where you work, the demand for drivers is high. You must have a solid vehicle and driving experience. All things considered, there is no limit to what you will achieve in this specific field.


There are loads of different reasons as to why people choose one of the various careers of kitchens. What makes them very popular is the opportunity that exists if a prospective wants to work in the kitchen. First and foremost is the financial reward that comes with it. Your salary is based on the amount of work that you do and the number of hours that you do it every day. The best way to boost your income stream, though, is to work on your hobby. Whether it is woodworking, knitting, cooking, gardening or doing other projects that interests you. Then again, the salary may rise, depending on the number of tasks that you do. Having a roof over your head or paying bills is definitely worth it. The pay will vary with the type of work that you do. If it’s a regular workplace, you may earn slightly less or higher than a salaried employee or a contractor. Just because you’re a kitchen helper doesn’t mean that you have to sit and wait on orders all day. Instead, you have the freedom to order, wait, and clear the shelves and cabinets in the kitchen whenever you want.

Kitchens are full of life in terms of variety. In normal cases, you can work in either morning, afternoon, evening, night, or weekends. It also means that you can work on a single project for four hours or for six hours every day. Hence, you can decide which part-time or full-time job you want. You can work under the direction of the owner, or for yourself or with clients. Regardless of a position, you will have to have an awareness that the job is full of challenges, but with hard work and dedication, you can overcome whatever obstacles are thrown in your path.

Kitchens are always full of opportunities that it presents to the aspiring and the older generation. Due to the fact that they have a wide variety of jobs available, the competition is stiff.

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