Finland is the most hospitable and well known country for immigrants from all around the world.

Are you hunting for recruitment agencies in Finland? No need to search anymore, you’ve landed on the right page.

Our team has done a great work to find out 7 best recruitment agencies in Finland offering their services to foreign workers. In this article, you will learn about the services provided by these recruiting firms, how much a Finnish recruitment agency charges, the most common occupations available to foreign workers in Finland, and much more.

Specific Role of Recruitment Agencies In Finland?

These recruitment agencies in Finland are specialized in various recruitment areas and industries, which means it is always best to get their opinion. Either you’re seeking for your dream job or a permanent / temporary or part-time position, recruiting firms got your back.

Employers who do not want to go through all the hiring process of advertisment, job applications, interviews etc., hire recruitment agencies to fill up their vacant vacancies with qualified candidates.

Job seekers inside or outside Finaland submit their job application to the Recruitment Agencies, as these are authorized to take all the necessary hiring steps and connect the right candidate with the employer.

Finland’s Top 7 Recruitment Agencies for Foreigners

These recruitment agencies in Finland provide services to both nationals and foreign workers. Although, some are offering range of services for foreigners like helping them to get a Work Permit and settlement in Finland for newcomers.

1: Staff Gate

Staffgate is a Recruitment Agency in Finland offering their services to locals as well as Overseas Candidates. This recruitment firm not only get you a right job, but they also promise to take care of everything related to immigration.

If you are a foreigner outside Finland, Staff Gate can get you a job, apply for your Work Visa, get you a Finnish social security number and tax card, help you in opening a bank account and provide the necessary training as well. If someone is willing to learn Finnish, this recruitment agency can also help you to improve your language skills.

staff gate recruitment agency in finland

2: Finnwards

They are a new Finnish Company with an intriguing emphasis on immigrants. They offer services to businesses, organizations as well as individuals willing to move to Finland. Their coaching and consultation are based on the Finnish way of living to make sure that you adjust. Moreover, they offer special Job search strategy classes for foreigners looking career opportunities in Finland.

finnwards recruitment agency in Finland

3: Barona

Barona is another recruitment agency in Finland providing employment services to overseas applicants. Finnish language skills are not necessary for their open job vacancies. They have offices in other Schengen states like Sweden, Estonia, Norway and Poland.

At Barona, you can expect their best hiring services and can seek their help for your Finland Work Visa process.

4: Eezy

With over 40 years of hiring experience, Eezy employ nearly 32,000 candidates each year for Finnish companies. Hundreds of foreign workers got their dream jobs in Finland through Eezy, as they also provide assistance for the Work Visa.

This recruitment agency specialize in hiring for below mentioned job sectors

  • Production workers
  • Cleaners
  • Industrial painters
  • Chefs/Cooks
  • Construction worker
  • Electricians
  • Steel Workers
  • Hospitality Industry
eezy recruitment agency in Finland

5: Eilakaisla

Eilakaisla is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Finland. Their services include recruitment, hiring, outsourced HR, relocation services, aptitude assessments and HR consulting. You can jump start your career in Finland by connecting with Eilakaisla. They are the hiring experts in customer service, IT, sales and marketing, financial management, insurance and finance.

Eilakaisla recruitment agency in Finland

6: Experis Manpower Group

Experis recruits hundreds of specialists, supervisors, managers and directors in Finland. This recruitment agency specialize in the areas of IT, Engineering, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Communications and HR.

Experis Manpower Group recruitment agency in Finland

7: Staff Point

Staff Point is a Finnish recruitment service that gives job opportunities in a wide range of industries. What they provide include expert and counseling services, hiring services, and human resource services, among others. They concentrate in ICT, logistics, tourism, building and property management, hotels, office, and cafes, etc. For people looking for jobs, Staff Point works well with locals and foreigners.

Staff Point recruitment agency in Finland

How Much Does A Recruitment Agency In Finland Charge?

Using a recruitment agency in Finland as a business is cost effective. You must, however, examine whether the price is appropriate for you or whether you would be better off looking for an alternative.

Most of the professional recruitment agencies in Finland charges 22% to 27% of the annual basic salary of the hired candidate.

How Can A Foreigner Work In Finland?

A foreigner (Non-EU National) needs a Work Permit to work in Finland and a Residence Permit to reside lawfully in Finland.

Finland is going though labour shortage since after COVID-19. To overcome this labour shortage, Finland Immigration has launched many pathways for international skilled and semi-skilled workers to immigrate to Finland.

Checkout The Complete Guide “HOW TO GET FINLAND 5 YEARS WORK VISA”

newspaper delivery jobs in finland
Restaurant jobs in Finland for Foreigners
cleaning jobs in finland

High Demand Jobs in Finland in 2023

As mentioned earlier, Finland is facing labour shortage in different job sectors. Some of the high demand jobs in Finland are

  • Civil Engineers
  • IT Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Web / Graphic Designers
  • Construction Trades
  • Hospitality Jobs
  • Cooks
  • Cleaners
  • Nurses and Caregivers

Last Words

As a foreigner, moving to Finland has been a lot simpler than before without the help of these recruitment agencies in Finland. If you plan to relocate to Finland, you can now have a good idea of who you might contact for help in finding work. The recruitment firms on the list above are the best in Finland and can help you with your employment requirements as well as assist you in smoothly completing the immigration procedure.


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