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Immigration program for the province of Nova Scotia is the Nova Scotia Nominee Program or the NSNP.

There are many reasons why you should choose nova scotia as an immigration destination especially if you want to get out of crowded provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. Right now Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s maritime provinces and it’s located on the eastern coast the province is known for its rocky landscapes amazing seascapes and rich wilderness as well traditionally nova scotia’s economy was based on its abundant natural resources more particularly through its fishing industry. Now the fishing industry has still been thriving even until today but the province’s economy has since become more diversified it’s now also supported by trade new technologies and tourism as well. Which has basically been fueled by visitors from cruise ships passing through the port of Halifax which is the capital of Nova Scotia.

Unlike other Atlantic provinces covered in the AIPP, Nova Scotia does not require you to have a job offer from Canada for the particular stream. There’s no application fee involved, no minimum CRS score requirement. You can apply with just one year of skilled work experience, you need a low education level of just a high school or grade 12 credentials, you can apply even until the age of 55 years and the processing time is around three months. Now there are a lot of streams under the NSNP but this article is about Labor Market Priority stream as this is the only stream that does not require you to have a job offer. Below are the requirements or eligibility criteria, the application steps and how you can get Canada PR through this stream.

An interesting fact is that Nova Scotia has a retention rate of over 70 percent this means that over 70 percent of newcomers are able to find good paying jobs and are able to stay in Nova Scotia. The province’s retention rate has improved because the Nova Scotia PNP and the AIPP which is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot are continuously looking to match immigration levels with the job opportunities available. Both the PNP and AIPP are also introducing new immigration programs which are making it easier for international graduates and temporary workers to transition to permanent residence apart from this the minimum wage in nova scotia is 12.95 dollars per hour right now so that’s a good amount considering the cost of living isn’t that high in the province.

Requirements or eligibility criteria of this PNP, the first one is an ECA from WES or any education evaluation service accepted by IRCC, you’ll need to evaluate at least your high school credentials which is the 12th grade next you’ll need to give your English or French language test for which you’ll need to score a minimum CLB7.

You also need to make an express entry profile which means you’ll need to fulfill the basic 67 human factor points you’ll need at least one year of work experience for which you’ll need to show reference letters in the CIC format you need to express your interest to move to the province of nova scotia which you can do while creating your express entry profile where you’re asked to take your province of choice. You can either click on all provinces if you’re open to an invitation from any province in Canada or just on nova scotia if you intend to move only to nova scotia. You’ll also need an adequate amount of settlement funds or proof of funds which is basically the money you’ll need to survive on until you get a job in nova scotia. You’ll have to calculate these funds based on the number of members in your family and you have to count them even if they are not coming with you to Canada.

Apart from all of this you also need a letter of interest from Nova Scotia which you will receive automatically in the express entry profile that you’ve created.

Application process:

The first step is to create an express entry profile. You’ll have to go to the IRCC express entry website and follow the steps to create an express entry profile. After you create your profile you’ll get an express entry profile number you’ll need this number to complete your application. You’ll continue to use the express entry online system during the nomination application process and even after that for your PR application also while creating a profile do remember to express your interest to move to the province of Nova Scotia. We are asked to tick the province of your choice, you can either click on all provinces if you’re open to an invitation from any province in Canada or just on Nova Scotia if you intend to move to only Nova Scotia. All provinces will make you eligible to receive an invitation from any other province as well if you meet the requirements for any other province’s PNP program. The next step is to receive a letter of interest in the express entry profile that you’ve created. If your profile is good enough the province of nova scotia, the province will send you a letter of interest which will make you eligible to apply online for a provincial nomination. You must have this letter of interest from NSOI to apply for your permanent residence. Next using a letter of interest you’ll need to apply to the Nova Scotia Labor Market Priority Stream online. You must apply to the stream within 30 calendar days of receiving your letter of interest, kindly note that these are 30 calendar days and not business days weekends and holidays are included as well. You can submit your entire application online using nova scotia’s online application service which should take you approximately around one hour to complete, be sure to include all documents listed in the NSNP application guide.

Next you’ll either receive a nomination or a refusal within around 3 months, if you are nominated you’ll receive a nomination letter through your express entry profile and also an email with this information and your nomination certificate. You must accept your nomination within 30 calendar days of receiving it again 30 calendar days. You can do this through the express entry online system. Your nomination certificate from nova scotia will add 600 additional CRS points to your express entry profile. This nomination certificate will expire six months after the date that it was issued to you so you must apply to IRCC for your permanent residence within this six month period. If your application has been refused by the province you’ll get an email explaining why you’re being refused or requesting some further information or documents from you, you’ll then have 10 business days to submit new information for the immigration officials to consider. After 10 business days your application will be reassessed including the new information that you’ve provided. A final decision will then be made and emailed to you. The 10-day response time limit may be increased in rare circumstances if you request for it. Once you receive your copy and fly to Canada, you have to land in Nova Scotia where you’ll get your PR card. After you land you have to provide some documents to the province within 30 days of your arrival in Nova Scotia, these documents would be a copy of the confirmation of your permanent residence, a copy of your passport, your nova scotia contact information in which should include your address your phone number and your email address.


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