Anyone who wants to work in Finland as a seasonal worker needs an appropriate permission from Finnish Government. Usually a residence permit is required to work in Finland. Finland needs seasonal workers all the year. Finland Seasonal work visa is issued for different jobs sectors as well as for festivals in the country.

Finland is a country with plenty of opportunities for foreigners seeking jobs. Specially after the COVID-19, Finland is going through labour shortage. Seasonal Work Visa is the best option to attract foreign workers to come to Finland and work for a specific period of time.

Types of Seasonal Jobs in Finland

Finland Seasonal Work Visa is issued for the jobs in the sectors of Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and For Festivals. You can get a Seasonal Job in Finland for the following Positions

  • Agriculture and Farming
    • Crops Harvesting
    • Fruit Picking
    • Vegetable Picking
    • Animals Production related jobs
  • Forestry
  • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Accommodation and food service activities
    • Restaurants Workers
    • Hotel Workers
    • Tour Operators
    • Reservation Service Providers
    • Activities related to Performing Arts
    • Activities related to of amusement parks and theme parks
    • Skiing Centre Workers

Finland Seasonal Work Visa

Finland issues seasonal work visas each year to EU nationals as well as Non-EU Citizens. The seasonal work in Finland may vary from 3 months to the maximum of 9 months. The Duration of seasonal work indicates the type of seasonal work visa you need.

Types of Finland Seasonal Work Visa

There are three types of Seasonal Work Visas in Finland

  1. Visa For Seasonal Work

The Visa for Seasonal Work applies to those who wish to come to Finland for Wild Berry Picking Only, and there work will last for less than 90 days. Wild Berries Picking Jobs in Finland are very famous, as it does not require any other type of Work Permit, but a Schengen Visa.

  1. Certificate for Seasonal Work

Certificate for Seasonal Work is for EU Nationals. Those countries, whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Finland. If they want to get involve in any kind of seasonal work in Finland, they must apply for a Certificate for Seasonal Work.

Application for Certificate of Seasonal Work can be submitted online directly to the Finnish Immigration. The Fee for Certificate for Seasonal Work is €75 and the process time of application is one month. An Employment Contract is necessary to apply for the Certificate for Seasonal Work.

  1. Residence Permit for Seasonal Work

This is the type of Seasonal Work Permit for all Non-EU Nationals and EU-Citizens as well, who wish to Work For Seasonal Jobs in Finland for more than 90 days up to the maximum of Nine Months. Citizens of the countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. can apply for the Residence Permit for Seasonal Work.

All the applications for Residence Permit For Seasonal Work goes through two stages. First, the Employment and Economic Development Office of Finland makes the decision on the application, and then Finland Immigration approves it and produce the Residence Permit to the applicant.

A confirmed Employment Contract is required to apply for this permit. There are two ways to apply for Residence Permit For Seasonal Work. You can submit your application Online to the Finland Immigration or you can also submit a paper application at the Finnish Embassy or Consulate (or at the authorized visa application centre) in your home country.

Fee for Finland Seasonal Work Visa

The Visa fee is different for online and paper applications.

Online application fee:
Residence Permit For Seasonal Work of 3-6 months: Fee 380€
Residence Permit For Seasonal Work of 6-9 months: Fee 490€

Paper application fee:
Residence Permit For Seasonal Work of 3-6 months 480€
Residence Permit For Seasonal Work of 6-9 months 740€

The approximate process time for this application is two to three months. So it is advised to apply for this permit well before your seasonal job starts in Finland.

If someone, who already have a Certificate for Seasonal Work and wish to continue the job in Finland as a Seasonal Worker for more than 90 days, must also apply for Residence permit for Seasonal Work.

Number of Finland Seasonal Work VISA Applications in 2023

As per the records published by the Finland Immigration till the date of 20th June

1,960 applications were submitted for the Certificate for Seasonal Work, out of which only 236 applications are still under process.

848 applications were submitted for the Residence Permit For Seasonal Work, out of which only 40 applications are still under process.

These numbers clearly indicates that Finnish Immigration process these applications on urgent basis, as there is no backlog of Seasonal Worker’s Applications and this is a good sign for all of you who want to Work in Finland as a Seasonal Worker.

Here is another noticeable factor, that all the Seasonal Workers in Finland are not automatically entitled for the Public Healthcare Benefits in Finland. If you are going to Finland on a Seasonal Work Visa, you must submit a separate application to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) for social security coverage and healthcare benefits.

Last Words

If you want to move to Finland, then the seasonal work visa could be a good choice. There are no tough requirements set for this visa and tons of seasonal jobs are available in Finland. You can easily apply for Finland Residence Permit for Seasonal Work from your home country, if you secure an employment contract for a seasonal job in Finland. You can find seasonal jobs in Finland on different job portals like Jobs in Finland, Euro Jobs and Finland Job Market.

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