Atlantic Immigration Program 2022

The Canadian Immigration Minister and other Provincial and Federal leaders assembled to announce the New Atlantic Immigration Program. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and Provincial leaders declared that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot would become a Permanent Program from January 1st. The Program name would change to Atlantic Immigration Program.

The program will permit 6,000 Newcomers to come to Atlantic Canada per year. Fraser from Nova Scotia was joined by a fellow liberal member of parliament Jeanette Petipis Taylor the minister accountable for the Atlantic Canada, opportunities agency and provincial leaders from the other Atlantic provinces, Fraser stated that since the AIP was established in 2017 it has attracted about 10 000 newcomers to the provinces. Partnering employers have produced more than 9 800 job offers in critical sectors including health care, accommodations, food services and manufacturing.

Even after one year more than 90 percent of AIP immigrants continued to live in Canada, which is considerably higher than other immigration programs in the region. The news came soon after Nova Scotia declared that its population grew to 1 million in the first quarter of 2021. 5696 individuals migrated to nova scotia from other countries and other parts of Canada. The province’s population increased by 2877, the biggest growth in the first quarter since 1971. The province also has an immigrant retention rate of 71 percent, the highest in Atlantic Canada.

The pilot will officially close on December 31st but the IRCC will continue to accept the pilot program applications from applicants with a valid provincial endorsement until march 5th 2022.

So what exactly is the AIP and why is it deemed a success Atlantic Canada harbors. One of the oldest populations in the country an enormous sum of the workers in these provinces are retiring and only a few new workers are coming in. Although this is a concern throughout the country. It is primarily evident in the four east coast provinces Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the demographic challenges of bearing an aging population have long been a subject sustaining the economic immigration in Canada. Regardless of the success of the provincial nominee program formed in 1998 to handle the regional labor market and demographic needs. Atlantic Canada has struggled to hold on to its immigrants.

The launch of the AIP in 2017 has already started to exhibit early signs of triumph according to an IRCC winter report. The report indicates that the AIP is improving retention rates in the region via the AIP immigrants arrive at Atlantic Canada with a job and a settlement plan from a specified service provider.

Stay tuned for the regular updates on New Atlantic Immigration Program 2022.

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