Strawberry Jobs in Finland – Picking & Packing

strawberry jobs in finland

Both in winters and summers, Finnish government issues seasonal work permits to foreigners who wish to work in Finland for short period of time like 3 to 6 months or 6 to 9 months.

In summers, mostly foreigners get seasonal work permits to work for strawberry jobs in Finland. As these jobs are easy to find, and they pay well.

Types of Strawberry Jobs in Finland

Generally, Strawberry picking and packing jobs are common in fields. There are other job types like tractor drivers, supervisors and administration jobs.

Salary for Strawberry Jobs in Finland

Strawberry pickers in Finland usually get paid by the number of kilos they pick. Average wage is €1 to €1.20 / Kilo. For example, if someone works for normal 8 hours a day and pick 10 Kilos of strawberries per hour, they can earn €80 to €96 per day.

Where as, strawberry packing jobs are paid per hour. The average wage for strawberry packing jobs in Finland is €10 to €11 per hour.

How to find strawberry jobs in Finland

In summers, it is easy to find seasonal jobs on different job portals in Finland.

Job Market Finland
Work in Finland

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