Immigrate to Quebec in 2022: Open Work Permit for Skilled Workers Outside Canada under IMP+

After a new agreement with the Federal Government and Canadian Immigration, Permanent Residency applicants outside Canada can Immigrate to Quebec faster and are eligible for Open Work Permits.

Applications are now being accepted for a new pathway to bring in talented people who have been selected by the province of Quebec, in possession of CSQ and are awaiting permanent residency.

Immigrate to Quebec via IMP+

The International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) is a great work permit option for the selected permanent resident applicants from the province of Quebec. It’s a strategy from Quebec to assist and overcome present labour shortages by speeding up the entrance of foreign skilled people in the province through a quick work permit rather than waiting for months for PR.

Usually, Regular Skilled Workers Program applicants selected by Quebec need to wait for their permanent residency application to be approved before being able to start their new life in Quebec, Canada. The International Mobility Program+ Open work permit will allow an applicant who has been chosen for permanent residence in Quebec but is currently residing outside of Canada to migrate to the province, begin working, and settle in the province considerably more quickly.

Limit for Open Work Permit Applications in Quebec

The maximum number of International Mobility Program+ applications for the year 2022 allowed are 14,700. This yearly cap for the Open Work permit applications in Quebec will reset at 7,350 from the start of next year 2023.

Thousands of people around the world wish to Immigrate to Quebec every year. According to Statistics Canada, 25,000+ applications were accepted for Permanent Residence in 2021 for Quebec skilled workers, whereas in 2020, this number of accepted applicants from Quebec was around 12,000.


A foreign national must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an open work permit under the IMP+:

  1. At the time of application, they must live outside of Quebec.
  2. Have a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) under the Regular Skilled Worker Program or approved for PR under the Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for workers in the information technologies, visual graphics and artificial intelligence sectors.
  3. Have received a letter of invitation from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) under the IMP+ program.
  4. A complete application must be submitted for an Open Work Permit.

If the application is approved, the individual will be given an open work permit, valid for working in the province of Quebec for up to three years.

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IRCC had already broadened the eligibility for bridging open work permits in August 2021 to include skilled employees who had already been working temporarily in Quebec and had applied for permanent residence. Workers were able to continue working while waiting for their permanent residency application to be processed.

Provincial Immigration of Quebec and Federal Immigration of Canada work together on all the applications from the the people willing to Immigrate to Quebec. Province of Quebec is in charge of selecting immigrants in some immigration categories, such as economic immigrants, who seek to immigrate to Quebec while the federal government makes the ultimate judgement on their permanent residency application.

With the unveiling of the IMP+, the options accessible to Quebec-selected applicants will be more closely linked with those available to applicants from other Canadian provinces and territories. Applicants who have been nominated for permanent residence under a PNP are generally eligible for a work permit when they apply for permanent residence with IRCC under other federal-provincial/territorial immigration agreements.

International Mobility Program Plus is a special category dedicated for the applicants willing to Immigrate to Quebec in just few weeks after receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate CSQ from the province.

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